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The United Nations is trying to define its role in Afghanistan, which is run by the Taliban.

United Nations: The UN Security Council will soon begin negotiations on the future role of world groups in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, after reports from the head of the organization called for dialogue and advised on the isolation of militants. Under anonymous conditions, the UN ambassador was led by Norway, which recently hosted a groundbreaking meeting between Western diplomats and Tullivan officials in Oslo, saying the negotiations were “very tricky and very difficult.” He said it was expected.

A delegation representing a country currently on the Security Council added that the West wants to “especially prevent women and girls from being on the sidelines in the debate.” But on the other hand, China and Russia, members of the veto council, can try to minimize the impact of human rights issues on the future of Afghanistan’s United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMA), the envoy said. Suggested.

Another diplomat who asked not to be nominated said a “consensus” could be found on the issue of humanitarian aid and the fight against terrorist groups in war-torn South Asian countries. The same diplomat said, “The difference between those who want to see cooperation with the Taliban (Beijing and Moscow) and those in the West who support a” strict approach “to draw concessions from hardline Islamist groups. “May occur,” he said. UNAMA’s mission, which has existed in Afghanistan since 2002, will expire on March 17.


Beyond discussions within the board, the definition of the United Nations’ role in Afghanistan will depend in part on the goodwill of the Taliban, which came into power in August and is seeking international recognition. So far, no country has any obligations, but Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki, who attended the Oslo talks, told AFP in an interview this week that the administration is approaching gaining foreign recognition. ..

So far, Kabul’s new government has failed to take over the position of the country in the body of the world, and the nomination of its new ambassador, former Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen, is still at a loss. The process of approving the government and then accepting the new UN envoy was frozen by organizations around the world in agreements signed by the United States, Russia and China.
Meanwhile, an attack that killed at least 173 people, including 13 U.S. military personnel, was carried out by a suicide bomber during the chaotic evacuation of Kabul Airport last year, a Pentagon investigation said on Friday. I concluded.

The investigation ruled out multiple performers or persons using firearms in the August 26 attack alleged by the Islamic State group. According to the investigation, at least 160 Afghan civilians and 13 US troops were killed in the last few days of the US military withdrawal after the 20-year war.

The bomb exploded in a crowded crowd just outside the airport monastery gate, pushing thousands of people to enter and leave the country by US-controlled airlift. Some shootings occurred after the bombing, but US officers said they were warning shots and that no one died in the incident was killed by them. Brigadier General Lance Curtis, who released the findings on Friday, said there were “no gunshot wounds” among the victims.

He said the dead were due to shrapnel, including ball bearings from the bomb, and the wounds could look like gunshot wounds. Curtis admitted that day that the U.S. military believed the attack was “complex” and involved Islamic state militants and bombers.

“We now know that explosive fired ball bearings are causing scratches that look like gunshots. Combined with a few warning shots, many have experienced complex attacks. I was convinced, “Curtis told reporters. Debris from a tear gas canister pierced by a blast carried by the U.S. military to control the crowd also added to the confusion.

It caused “momentary confusion and sensory overload,” one official who briefed reporters about the investigation said. The bomb also injured 45 U.S. military personnel, some of whom suffered brain damage from the impact of the blast. The perpetrator in black, shown in the only video of the bombing investigator, was released from government prison by the Taliban after taking control of Kabul on August 15, as Abdul Rahman al-Rogari. Later identified by the Islamic State. AFP

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/un-seeks-to-define-its-role-in-taleban-run-afghanistan/ The United Nations is trying to define its role in Afghanistan, which is run by the Taliban.

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