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The United Nations urges countries to release frozen assets and increase aid to Afghanistan

With more than half of Afghanistan’s population facing extreme hunger, UN Prime Minister Antonio Guterres said liquidity must be restored to the country’s economy.

The United Nations states that 8.7 million Afghanistan are on the verge of hunger. (Reuters Archive)

UN chiefs could significantly step up humanitarian aid to millions of people living in “frozen hell” to Afghanistan, free nearly $ 9 billion in frozen assets and cause massive outflows of people Escape from countries that urged countries to pull Afghanistan’s economy back from the brink of sexual collapse.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Wednesday that liquidity must be urgently restored to the Afghan economy.

It releases the country’s foreign exchange reserves, re-engages the central bank, and allows the International Fund to pay salaries for doctors, teachers, sanitary workers, electricians, and other civil servants. He said it meant injecting.

“Time is important,” Guterres told the Security Council. “Without action, life is lost and despair and extremism grow.”

According to Guterres, the World Bank’s Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund sent $ 280 million last month to UNICEF and the World Food Program.

He said the remaining $ 1.2 million should be urgently released to help Afghanistan survive the winter.

Deborah Lyons, Afghanistan’s Special Representative of the UN, said the UN’s more than $ 4.4 billion humanitarian appeal to Afghanistan two weeks ago was the largest in the history of a single country in the United Nations, “amount spent by donors. It’s almost the same as, “he told the council. About the entire government budget. “

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“Negotiation chip”

Afghanistan’s aid-dependent economy had already stumbled when the Taliban seized power in August last year in the chaotic withdrawal of US and NATO troops 20 years later.

The international community has cooperated with the Taliban for freezing Afghanistan’s assets abroad, suspending financial support, and refusing to educate girls and work for women during the atrocities during their reign from 1996 to 2001. I didn’t want it.

The United Nations said that 8.7 million Afghans are on the verge of hunger, and Guterres said more than half of the population is facing “extreme hunger.”

The council adopted a resolution last month confirming that humanitarian aid to Afghanistan does not violate sanctions against the Taliban, but China’s UN ambassador, Chang Jun, said aid was “a trump card for negotiations and a political tool. Has been done. “

It is “playing games with the lives and happiness of 38 million Afghans in direct need of relief,” and the freezing of Afghan assets and unilateral sanctions are “as deadly as military intervention.” Mr. Zhang said.

Afghan women “if they can’t get food or even survive, the story of education, employment and political participation will be empty,” he added.

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