The United States is one step closer to historic gun control amendments after the House passed the first gun control bill since 1994.

In a historic feat, the US House of Representatives passed a gun control law previously approved by the Senate, defeating Congressional log jams that had hindered reforms for 30 years.

The bill is currently heading to President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature and enactment. That is expected as his aides say they are waiting for a signature. “With this bipartisan package, we take the first step to fight back on behalf of Americans who are desperate for new steps to keep a large number of communities safe in voting,” Nancy Pelosi said. Chairman Pelosi said on the floor of the house. “For those who didn’t have the courage to take part in this job, I say your political survival is insignificant compared to the survival of our children.”

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The last amendment to the Gun Law was in 1994 when assault weapons were banned. The new law, described as a modest attempt to reform America’s famous loose gun law, is a recent law for 10 African Americans in Buffalo, New York, and 19 children in an elementary school in Texas. Uvarde, Texas, is only 10 days away, following an eruption of public anger and frustration over the killing of the Negroid.

The bill was negotiated by a bipartisan group of 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans in the Senate, led by Chris Murphy and John Cornyn, respectively. It passed the Senate with a vote of 65-33, with 15 Republicans voting for all 50 Democrats in a room of 100 members. The House of Representatives passed primarily along party lines 234 to 193, with 15 Republicans joining all Democrats.

What measures are included in the new law?

  • Tighter background checks for customers under the age of 21
  • $ 15 Billion Federal Funds for Mental Health Program and School Security Upgrades
  • Seek funding to encourage the state to implement “danger signal” laws to remove firearms from people considered threats
  • The law also aims to close the so-called “boyfriend loophole” by blocking the sale of guns to those convicted of abusing an unmarried intimate partner.

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Republican Supreme Senator Mitch McConnell said after the bill was passed, “This is a suite that makes America safer, especially for school children, without freeing our country a bit. It’s a spot. ” Senate. “I thought it was time to act. If (Democrats) were with us and passed a bill that actually addressed the issues of school safety and mental health, why don’t we want to do it? I wonder?” The United States is one step closer to historic gun control amendments after the House passed the first gun control bill since 1994.

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