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The United States was set to impose sanctions after Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine

The United States said Tuesday that Russia’s move to eastern Ukraine was the “beginning of aggression” and warned that “severe” sanctions would be announced shortly.

The harsh message hesitates to say that an “invasion” is underway after Putin ordered an army there, as well as Russia’s Vladimir Putin as an independent territory owned by two Ukrainian rebels. Following the first more hesitant reaction from the White House to what the President admitted.

For weeks, the United States and its allies have said that a complete invasion of Ukraine by mass gathering Russian troops would cause catastrophic economic sanctions.

However, questions remained about Putin’s ultimate intentions, and it took about 12 hours for the Biden administration to move to a more difficult tone.

“We believe this is certainly the beginning of Russia’s latest invasion of Ukraine. You have already seen the beginning of our response and we will be swift and serious. “I said,” Jonathan Finer, Deputy National Security Adviser, told CNN.

The White House also welcomed Germany’s previous decision to discontinue the huge Nord Stream 2 pipeline project aimed at supplying Russia’s natural gas to Europe.

President Joe Biden said, “If Russia invades Ukraine, it has revealed that it will work with Germany to prevent Nord Stream 2 from moving forward … today we will follow up on our own measures.”・ Saki tweeted.

Putin escalated the crisis sharply on Monday when Moscow announced approval of a territory supported by Ukraine. He said he was responsible for what the Russian army called “peacekeeping.”

But what will happen to the scope and timing of Russia’s “peacekeeping” forces, and, decisively, openly separatists with their goal of occupying more Ukrainian territory across the Donbas region. It was not immediately clear whether to support.

Washington initially took a cautious stance, while the United States and other Western allies accused pro-West Ukraine of territorial integrity violations.

Biden immediately imposed economic sanctions on the two excursions, but US officials told reporters “I’m going to evaluate what Russia has done” on the issue of further sanctions on Russia itself.

Officials emphasized that Russian troops have been secretly deployed in separatist areas for eight years.

“It will not be a new step for Russian troops to move to Donbas,” officials said. “We will continue diplomacy until the tank rolls.”

Later on Monday, a White House spokesperson first revealed that new sanctions would be announced, indicating that the position was solidified.

-Beyond Nord Stream 2-

Secretary of State Antony Blinken denounced Putin’s perception of the separatist region as a sign of lack of interest in the negotiations, “directly inconsistent with Russia’s commitment to diplomacy and a clear attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty. Is. “

Putin’s announcement is also between Washington, the European Capital of Culture and Ukraine, as the United States seeks to maintain unity among dozens of partners on how to respond to Russia, which supplies much of the European Union’s energy supply. Caused intense telephone diplomacy.

After announcing the discontinuation of the nearly completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, German Prime Minister Olav Schorz warned Russia that “more sanctions could be introduced if further measures were taken.”

On Friday, the Great Khali, Deputy US National Security Assistant for International Economics, warned that a complete set of sanctions in preparation would turn Russia into an international “Pariah.”

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/710370/US-set-to-impose-sanctions-after-Russian-invasion- The United States was set to impose sanctions after Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine

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