The United States will end the Covid test requirements for international flyers from this date

U.S. withdraws the need for international air travelers to pre-board COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Tests, according to Friday officials. The mission expires on June 12th.

White House spokesman Kevin Munoz confirmed on Twitter today.

“The United States has completed the Covid-19 inspection requirements for air travelers entering the country. @ CDCgov will evaluate its need in the context of circular mutations based on science. @ POTUS is essential for this. We are working on effective vaccines and treatments, “he tweeted.

The CDC has lifted restrictions on the travel industry’s lobbying for months after it decided it was no longer needed “based on science and data,” CNN reported, citing senior officials. did.

This measure has been in effect since January 2021. Officials said the Biden administration plans to work with airlines to ensure a smooth transition with change, but it will be a welcome move for most in the industry.

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According to Nick Cario, chief of Airlines for America, travel industry insiders have been increasingly critical of this requirement in recent weeks, directly requesting the Biden administration to end the measure and already vulnerable. He claimed to have a chilling effect on the economy. White House officials, CNN reported.

In a letter, a coalition of travel and aviation organizations urged the Byden administration to end pre-departure testing requirements for travelers to the United States vaccinated against the new coronavirus disease.

“On behalf of many sectors of the travel and aviation industry, we urgently urge the government to remove the requirements for pre-departure inspection of vaccinated passengers traveling to the United States,” the organization said in a letter.

In December, the Biden administration tightened travel restrictions for travelers to the United States amid the epidemic of Omicron variants, demanding that passengers test negative for COVID-19 the day before they depart for the United States.

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