The upcoming “Balatonfish” brand in Hungarian restaurants

The launch of the new brand is a “milestone” in Hungarian fish production. The “Balaton Fish” designation includes EU protected products that will be available in Hungarian restaurants in the coming months. In addition, another Hungarian product, the Derecske apple, is also EU protected.

Things have improved a few years ago, despite the initial criticisms of the closure of fishing in the country’s natural waters, according to the Minister of Agriculture. This is evidenced by the increased quantity and quality of fish stocks and the fact that the Hungarian fishing community has grown to 800,000 – reported by MTI.

The Balaton Fish brand aims to promote products on the market. “We are at the gateway to new opportunities because we have made the fish on Lake Balaton available again. This brand allows us to raise public awareness,” the minister said. rice field.

He added that the Ministry of Agriculture has long worked to prevent certain non-lake-specific species of fish, including hake, from being called baraton fish. The main goal is to “restore the condition of the fish in Lake Balaton and draw attention to the fact that there are excellent indigenous fish worthy of recognition of gastronomy,” he said. Therefore, only carp and fish in Lake Balaton or the catchment areas on the market can benefit from EU protection.

The newly introduced product packaging has a symbol of EU protection, making it clear that consumers are buying high quality, controlled and strictly designated domestic products, and producers promote their products. Helps prevent abuse in the market.

Thank you for the cooperation agreement between Balaton Fish Farming Nonprofit Plc. Halker Ltd., a product labeled with Baraton Fish, is now available in restaurants and other catering facilities. The main task of the coming months is to expand the consumer base and meet the needs of the people.

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Zoltán Gödri, founder and managing director of Halker Ltd., revealed that the fish processing plant was developed in several stages with its own funds. With a history of 32 years, the company manufactures and is constantly developing protected products, with office expansion projects and the construction of a 2,000 square meter meat processing plant currently underway. The company has three sites, 540 employees, and operates more than 100 trucks a day.

As a news portal in Hungary Reportedly, 500-600 tonnes of fish are placed on the table each year directly from Lake Balaton in this fishing activity. In addition, aquaculture companies can supply 150-200 tons of fish from pond farms to produce baratone fish products that are sold as pre-cooled and frozen processed goods.

Meanwhile, there is another Hungarian product that has recently received EU protection. The European Commission has approved the inclusion of Derecske apples in the list of products whose names are protected in the European Union. As a result of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Geographical Indication Program, the number of protected names has increased to 80, with 29 Hungarian foods, 38 Hungarian wines and 13 Hungarian Parlinka names protected in the EU.

Cultivation of “Derecske apple” is associated not only with the town of Derecske in Hajdú-Bihar county, but also with the villages of Hajdú bagos, Konyár, Sáránd and Tépe.The names refer to several different types of apples, but they all have the same characteristics: high calcium content, high meat firmness, crispness, and long shelf life-reported by. Dehír.

Thanks to the soil and climatic conditions of Derecske and its surroundings, as well as the dedication and expertise of the producers, the cultivation culture and unique quality of “Derecske apples” has won numerous prestigious expert awards in the past. ..

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