The village government has asked to use the village’s funds for food security

Jakarta (ANTARA)-Village Minister, Disadvantageous Area Development, and Migration Abdul Harim Iskandar has appealed to the village government to make the best use of the village’s funds for food security.

“The village must not face food security issues. All villagers must receive a guarantee of safety and comfort,” he said on Monday at the 2022 Nusantara Tourist Village Promotion Competition, which continued online here. Said at the launch event.

Iskandar emphasized that the village should not face food problems, even though the world is involved in a food crisis.

“The important thing is to make the most of the village’s funds for food security programs and food-related productive programs,” he asserted.

As of July 12, 2022, approximately Rp34.72 trillion, or 51.35 percent, of the village’s funds had been distributed to the village, based on data from the village province, disadvantaged area development and immigration. Rp5.95 trillion of village funds were diverted for food security.

“The President (Joko Widodo) always reminds us of the food problems that are currently affecting the world. Hopefully Indonesia suffers like any other country due to the food security of the village. There is no such thing, “said Iskandar.

Earlier, Maritime Investment Coordinator Luhut Binsar Panjaitan said the village mayor and officials were the main players in development changes, including maintaining Indonesia’s economic resilience.

“This is because the village mayor and authorities are involved in maintaining Indonesia’s economy and food security,” while the minister was instructing the manager of the Indonesian Village Government Association (APDESI) in Bengkulu. Stated.

He explained that Indonesia’s economic resilience is inseparable from the role of the village’s economic transformation as a result of increased allocation of village funds.

According to Panjaitan, the economic transformation of the village is the result of the village head’s role as the subject of change at a lower level. Village heads play an important role in communicating the aspirations of the community.

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