The woman who died in the West Bay Street accident is remembered as a loving mother

When she died tragically late Saturday night, 26-year-old Lashonna Taylor-Sands left behind her two little sons and many other tragic relatives.

Taylor Sands died on Saturday after a car accident on West Bay Street. She was a passenger in a car driven by her husband.

Her relatives from Grand Bahama remembered her as a loving and cheerful woman yesterday. She was an example of what it means to be her good mother.

Andrenique Moxy, a cousin of Taylor Sands who grew up in the same house as her, was not comforted.

“Shona was a loving cousin,” she said in tears.

“When I had a boy … she saw my boy like herself.

“… I don’t have a girlfriend anymore.

“… And it’s difficult. It’s hard because we grew up together.

“It was two of us, and always only two of us. Without Nike, there was no Nike. Without Nike, there was no Shona.”

Moxy added: “From preschool to high school, we did everything together. She was not only my favorite cousin, but also my best friend and my sister. She means the world to me. Did.

“When she left to move to Nassau, I cried and asked her why she left me here alone because we did it all together.”

Police reported that the accident occurred after 10 pm on Saturday at the intersection of Cambridge Avenue and West Bay Street.

When the police arrived at the scene, there was a man injured in the driver’s seat and a woman unresponsive in the passenger seat.

Two boys were out of the car.

Police said the vehicle driver lost control while driving west along West Bay Street and collided with a median tree.

Another Taylor Sands cousin, Erica Taylor, said she would never forget when she learned of her cousin’s death.

“I just remember screaming and the phone went down,” she said.

“From my cry, my mummy and aunt knew she was dead.”

She added. “She is a mother. No mother wants to have a young child, but surely she will not have a child. So I stay as strong as possible to know she is not here. I’m doing my best, but every day it literally hurts. “

Taylor said his cousin was always family oriented.

“If we were holding a family event today and she could take a vacation to come to Freeport, she would have come,” she said.

“Who knew that our next family gathering would be our burial of her?”

Taylor Sands’ aunt Delaires Roll said her niece was a “kind, affectionate, cheerful person” who took care of her mother, children, and husband.

“As a mother, she always cared for and cared for the boy,” Roll said.

She added. “No one is like Lasiona. When she left here and went to Nassau, I knew I couldn’t see her every day, so it pierced my heart.

“But we talked almost every day.” The woman who died in the West Bay Street accident is remembered as a loving mother

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