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The world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat manufactured in Dubai

Jet, the world’s first clean energy, hydrogen-powered flying boat, will be launched in Dubai.

Swiss-based startup THE JET Zero Emission has announced that it has signed a contract with UAE-based Zenith Marine Services and DWYN to manufacture and operate The Jet.

The announcement is one step ahead of the clean technology industry and the startup itself, and is the official news agency that has raised some of the required € 10 million in funding. Wham report.

The boat is capable of cruising over the sea at a speed of 40 knots without noise and accommodating 8-12 passengers. It has two fuel cells, an air conditioner, and other eco-friendly technologies that help reduce carbon emissions.

“We are pleased to be able to make this announcement from Dubai. We can manufacture and launch” The Jet. ” It is the world’s first boat to sail without noise, waves or emissions and is capable of flying 80 cm above. Alain Thébault, founder of THE JET Zero Emission and former world sailing speed record holder, said:

“We look forward to meeting people interested in this flying boat at the 28th International Climate Summit (COP28 UAE) in the UAE,” said Tebeau. Boat technology will be provided in Dubai for the first flight during the next COP28 UAE Preparatory Conference to be held in November 2023.

Renewable energy is paramount to the emirate and national priorities.

The emirate Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 Thanks to that, we aim to produce 75% of our energy requirements from clean sources by 2050.

https://gulfbusiness.com/worlds-first-hydrogen-powered-flying-boat-to-be-made-in-dubai/ The world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat manufactured in Dubai

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