The world’s first NCC with construction machinery built using fossil-free steel

World’s first construction machine Built using fossil-free steel, it will be launched today in connection with the United Nations Conference on the Environment Stockholm +50. The construction equipment will be manufactured by Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) using SSAB fossil-free steel and will operate at the NCC quarry in Södra Sandby, Skåne, Sweden.

Construction equipment, which is a combined carrier, was handed over by the president of Volvo Construction Equipment. Mercer JenbergTo the president of NCC Thomas Carlson At a ceremony related to the United Nations Conference on the Environment Stockholm +50.Other participants included the Minister of Climate and Environment of Sweden Annika Strandhel And the U.S. Climate Envoy John KerryThe person who was entrusted with the unveiling ceremony of the machine.

“NCC has a firm commitment to contribute to sustainable development. We are determined and systematically working to achieve that goal, which meets our high demands. It also includes the choice of machines. As shown in this great example, enabling a sustainable shift requires a strong and active partnership between multiple players, “said NCC President and President. CEO Tomas Carlsson said.

NCC and VolvoCE have been working together for several years to identify innovative solutions and new technologies that can drive development, in line with NCC’s goal of being climate-neutral by 2045. Reduce the number of transportation journeys in the Centralen phase of the WestLink project.

“We are confident that value chain stakeholders need to work together to successfully decarbonize the construction industry. Thanks to strong partnerships with other leading and leading companies. , We can now lead the transformation to a fossil-free structure and be the first to deliver machines built using fossil-free steel to our customers. Turning our commitment into action is what we do. It’s the key to building the world you want to live in, “said Melker Jenberg, president of Volvo Construction Machinery.

The Machine A30G is manufactured at the Braås facility in Volvo CE, Sweden, from fossil-free steel from the steel company SSAB, which has much lower carbon dioxide emissions than machines made from conventional steel. This machine is fuel efficient and operates on HVO and biodiesel.

“Our efforts to minimize the impact on the climate do not just include our own business. We look at the entire value chain. Transportation is one of our priorities. As a major purchaser of machinery, we can influence by making sustainable choices, focusing on reducing engine emissions and overall footprint of the machine. , Says Tomas Carlsson.

The articulated conveyor will operate at the NCC quarry in Sodra Sandby, near Lund, to help build stone for new roads, infrastructure and construction projects.

Source: NCC The world’s first NCC with construction machinery built using fossil-free steel

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