The wreckage of several greyhounds found in a swamp 2km from Newbridge Greyhound Stadium

A large number of greyhound skeletons have been found in the swamps of Newbridge, County Kildare.

The Irish Council Against Bloodsport is calling for an investigation after bones were found dumped two kilometers from Newbridge Greyhound Stadium.

The discovery was made by a civilian walking through Newbridge’s Rosebery Moor and the body included skulls, bones and skeletons.

The number of greyhounds suspected of being dumped at the site was not disclosed.

In 2012, the remains of six shot-in-the-head greyhounds were found at a disused landfill in Barriagran, County Limerick.

In 2005, the mutilated remains of three greyhounds were found floating in a river in the Dungarvan area.

The Irish Council Against Bloodsport states that “Abandoned greyhounds are victims of the cruel greyhound racing industry where thousands of greyhounds are abandoned and killed each year.”

As the RTÉ Investigates: Greyhounds running for their lives documentary revealed, thousands of greyhounds are killed each year for not being fast enough. It featured a scene in which the dog was brought to Nuckery, where it was shot in the head and dumped on Skip.

The documentary featured excerpts from reports revealing that approximately 6,000 greyhounds are killed unsuccessfully each year. A total of 17,962 greyhounds were reportedly culled in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

They were killed for “failing to achieve qualifying times,” “failing to achieve desired entry-level times,” and “unacceptable poor performance.”

The organization said: Since 2001, Greyhound Racing Ireland has received €309 million in funding, including €16.8 million in 2020, €19.2 million in 2021 and €17.6 million in 2022. . “

Greyhound Racing Ireland has been reached for comment. The wreckage of several greyhounds found in a swamp 2km from Newbridge Greyhound Stadium

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