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There are no holidays as the UK is promoting the Covid-19 vaccine campaign

England yesterday promoted a coronavirus (Covid-19) immune campaign in a race to inoculate as many people as possible while the number of cases of the Omicron variant continues to grow.
At the Redbridge City Hall, east of London, National Health Service (NHS) staff welcomed the line of people and wore Santa’s hats to manage the jabs, according to AFP journalists on site.
The wall of the center’s vaccine booth was adorned with a “Merry Christmas” sign, with pictures of celebrations such as one elf vaccination of another.
“The NHS and local governments have inspirational people … even on Christmas day, they were willing to give up time to vaccinate members of the community,” said the local Redbridge. Councilor Mark Santos told the AFP.
“Today is a true community spirit,” he added.
Saif Crucid, who lives in the Red Bridge, was one of the many in line.
“It was unimaginable and immeasurable for everyone to be able to spend Christmas or a year like this,” he said.
NHS England thanked many healthcare professionals for helping out on Christmas Day.
“Thanks to everyone working during the festival, from vaccinated to volunteers, porters to emergency care, midwives to mental health professionals and all other important workers!” NHS England Tweeted Said in.
Health Minister Sajid Javid urged the British to “make boosters part of this Christmas.”
There have been more than 30 million so-called “boosters” or a third coronavirus vaccination so far, but Javid says “we need to go further.”
On Christmas Eve, 122,186 Covid-19 cases are confirmed daily and 137 people are reported dead.
Vaccination clinics in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been closed for Christmas day.

NHS healthcare professionals direct people waiting to receive the vaccine.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706881/No-holiday-as-England-presses-ahead-with-Covid-19- There are no holidays as the UK is promoting the Covid-19 vaccine campaign

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