There are no signs of Putin’s mistress in Switzerland, the government says

For years there have been rumors that Alina Kabaeva, a potentially mistress of Vladimir Putin, may have spent years in Switzerland with many children who could be the father of the Russian president. It is widespread. Rumors have resurfaced since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The latest rumors are focused on unconfirmed reports that Kabaeva and her children are hiding somewhere in Switzerland, perhaps in a safe chalet in Ticino. However, the existence of Kabaeva, a former champion rhythmic gymnast, cannot be confirmed.

Concerned about the impact of this claim on the image of Switzerland, the country that followed the EU in imposing economic sanctions on Russia, the Swiss federal government is working on what underlies speculation, according to the Swiss broadcaster RTS. I’m out.

The Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) has told RTS that the necessary checks have been carried out and there are no signs that the individual is present in Switzerland.

Rumors of the existence of Kabaeva in Switzerland drew attention in early March 2015, when a former gymnast allegedly gave birth to a child at Clinica Santana in Lugano, an Italian-speaking country in Switzerland. Vladimir Putin was rumored to be the child’s father.

But there were conflicting versions of the story. Various local media, including Corriere del Ticino, announced the birth of the girl, and the Twitter account deleted under the name of Alina Kabaeva was probably real, perhaps fake, announcing the arrival of the boy.

newspaper Brick Putin accompanied Kabaeva and reported that he probably stayed with her in the clinic. In addition, Putin was not seen publicly after March 5, adding weight to this theory.

Other reports suggest that Kabaeva gave birth to twins.

In any case, the Kremlin denied Putin was the father of this rumored child and others.

The whereabouts of Kabaeva and her children and the identities of their fathers appear to remain a mystery.

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