There is no American F-16 for anti-Western, anti-democratic, warlike Turkey

Antonis Antonio

In 2019, the United States expelled its unreliable US ally Turkey from the F-35 aerial fighter program because it purchased Russia’s S-400 missile system. Now the Turks want to buy 40 F-16s and upgrade 80 more kits. Under no circumstances should Washington give in to Prime Minister Erdogan’s request. Turkey does not use the F-16 for defense, as required by US law, but it harasses Israel in some moods in Cyprus, Greece, Armenia, and Ankara. It attacks and kills Kurds, Yazidis, and other little neighbors, as it did in the previous year.

If history is some indicator, neither Turkey uses American fighters to defend the West. The Turks fought the United States and its allies during World War I. They cooperated with Nazi Germany during World War II. They allowed German warships to cross the strait and teamed up with a secret German service. In addition, they supplied the Nazis with chrome ore, allowing Hitler to prolong the war for several years.

Turkey is a NATO member, but during the Cold War, it played against the east on the west side and milked both sides. Outside the Soviet Union, Turkey was the largest recipient of Soviet aid.

In the war in Ukraine, Turkey sees Russia as a “friend” and opposes sanctions against the Kremlin, which stands apart from Greece and other NATO countries that have already taken such steps.

Also, unlike other NATO countries, Turkey refuses to close airspace to Russia, and Ankara welcomes Russia’s emerging conglomerates for tourism and investment. Turkey aims to enrich itself while other NATO and European countries bear the pain of sanctions.

Turkish officials immediately explained to Moscow that Ukraine had purchased a Turkish drone used in the conflict before the outbreak of the war. The Turks also revealed that private companies sold the drones, not the Turkish government.

Turkey closed the strait, but in favor of Russia. Russian warships can enter the Black Sea, but American warships cannot. The Russians thanked the Turks for it.

The Turkish government has also rejected the delivery of the Russian-made S400 missile system to Ukraine. “Turkey seems to want to do as much as it can from the’Christian-to-Christian’conflict. Let non-believers destroy each other as Turkey gains geostrategic benefits and spreads Russian business from the West, “Turkey journalist Brak Bekdir wrote. Victim of Prime Minister Erdogan’s tyranny.

In the guise of an intermediary, Erdogan disguised his duplication in search of deceiving the world. Turkey, an occupying country with a terrifying history of aggression, is the last country in the world to be able to act as a peacebuilder.

The United States cannot fight in Ukraine for freedom and democracy or the rule of law, supports Turkey’s autonomy, allows Turkey to occupy Northern Cyprus, and constantly invade Greece’s airspace and territory. You can’t.

Prime Minister Erdogan chopped up Turkey’s democratic norms and imprisoned journalists and political opponents. As a result, Turkey is one of the worst journalist prison officers in the world. Turkish rulers have significantly reduced women’s rights. Recently, Ankara has withdrawn from the Istanbul Convention, an international treaty to combat violence against women. Under the AKP, the number of women killed by men is increasing rapidly, and Turkey’s femicide rate is one of the worst.

To make matters worse, how the Turkish government treats its minorities and religious minorities. There was murder, abuse and discrimination against Kurds, Alevists, Armenians, Greeks and Jews.

Erdogan ignored the American and Western plea and turned the magnificent Hagia Sophia into a mosque. He has forbidden the reopening of Haruki’s seminary, hindering the choice of Orthodox patriarchs.

Turkey’s autonomous region has denied the Armenian genocide. On a recent visit to Montevideo, Turkish Foreign Minister Melbut Kabsogur flashed a racialist “gray wolf” sign to a group of Armenians protesting on the anniversary of the Armenian genocide. rice field. Uruguay’s president, Lacalle Pou, has declared the behavior of Kabusoguru “sorry.”

A consistent, double-standard foreign policy is crucial to the credibility of the United States. Taking over to the anti-democratic, anti-Western, and militant Turkish government will be ashamed and insulting that the United States and the West are fighting and sacrificing in the war in Ukraine. That would go against President Biden’s pledge to defend democracy and international law. It will be a move against America’s true allies in the Eastern Mediterranean, as it negatively impacts their security.

Brown educates Antonio Antonio and is a social science educator in New York City, studying political and security issues in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean where he holds his PhD. There is no American F-16 for anti-Western, anti-democratic, warlike Turkey

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