There is no rule of law in this country: Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit

Colombo (News #1); Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Reverend Ranjith commented on the fate of the rule of law in the country today.

Addressing the 150th Anniversary Mass of the Church of the Holy Apostles in Modara, Cardinal Malcolm Cardinal Ranjit demanded that the public see the fate of the rule of law in the country.

Reverend Malcolm Ranjit pointed out that the country is in an abyss because of those who are greedy for power and wealth and who betray the policies agreed upon by all.

Furthermore, Archbishop Colombo said that religion is not just about coming to Mass on Sundays, you have to live within it. Nevertheless, he asked others to see what the country has become today.

Citing the incident in which a bomb was found in a church in Borella, high-ranking Cardinal Malcolm Rajith said several people inside the church were arrested and subsequently held in custody for more than a month. Not with innocent people.

He said no investigation had been launched to date, but added that those who discovered the bomb were jailed for more than a month and later released due to lack of evidence.

“Suspects were beaten. They were forced to sign papers. No justice was done for them. remains hidden from the public,” he said.

Referring to the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks that killed 269 people in Katwapitiya, Kochikade and several other places, High-ranking Cardinal Malcolm Rungis said to this day that justice will be served against them. Said it wasn’t.

“We should be ashamed before the world. There is no law in this country. There is no room for justice. Even our country’s laws did nothing to prosecute those identified as perpetrators,” he said.

The Archbishop of Colombo went on to point out that to this day they are free to live, participate in political activities and hold positions. I called on you to live a good life.

the latest news There is no rule of law in this country: Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit

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