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“There’s more to do,” Biden says of the lack of Covid-19 testing.

U.S. President Joe Biden eases coronavirus (Covid-19) deficiency as Omicron variants spread throughout the U.S. state this holiday week, overwhelming hospitals and squeezing travel plans. I promised to do it.
He said government measures include using a law called the Defense Production Act to increase production of tests at home and using Google to make it easier to find nearby test sites. rice field.
Biden admitted that the effort was not sufficiently advanced.
“Looking at how hard it was to take the test this weekend, we know there’s more to do,” Biden said in a call with the government’s Covid-19 response team and a group of governors. I said when. “Obviously that’s not enough. If we knew, we would have been more difficult and faster if we could.”
At a virtual conference hosted by the White House, the president emphasized that the rapid spread of Omicron variants would not have the same impact as the first outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 and the surge in Delta this year.
“Omicron is a source of concern, but it shouldn’t be a source of panic,” Biden said.
“The number of vaccinations and boosts is so high that hospitalizations are not as high as they used to be,” he said. “Americans, America has made progress. Things are better.”
However, “as the number of cases increases, there are still tens of millions of unvaccinated people and hospitalizations are increasing.”
Thousands of flights were canceled due to a surge in air travel over Christmas weekends as the flight crew was infected with the virus.
Shorter cruising and limited availability of testing weighed on other plans as more transmissible variants became established.
Yesterday, US airlines canceled about 800 flights. This is the 4th consecutive day of cancellation of travel-related inventory dents.
Still, strong holiday retail sales seemed to mask economic concerns.
According to Reuters data, Covid-19 infections are increasing nationwide, with an average of 205,509 new infections reported daily.
On Sunday, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said hospitalizations in the state doubled in a week as the Ministry of Health alerted him prior to New Year’s Day.
Biden warned the governor yesterday that a surge in cases could overwhelm some hospitals. Equipment such as hospital staff and ventilators can grow, especially in areas where many are not vaccinated.
He later told reporters that his medical professionals would follow the guidance on whether to reduce the 10-day quarantine period recommended for Americans who tested positive for Covid-19.
The president declined to say whether he would approve vaccination obligations for domestic air travel, another step executive officials recently argued.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Executive Officer of Infectious Diseases in the United States, urged people to avoid large New Year’s gatherings to reduce the proliferation of cases caused by Omicron.
Authorities say that vaccination can be a safe way to get together with your family, but large celebrations are dangerous.
“When talking about a New Year’s Eve party … I highly recommend avoiding it this year. Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor Forch told CNN.
Fauci hopes that the surge in cases will subside in January, but added that overall more infections could overwhelm hospitals, especially in under-vaccinated areas.
“We still need to be very careful,” he said separately at MSNBC.
Last week, Biden announced enhancements to strengthen hospitals and testing, but some health care professionals say the effort is too little, too late.
The United States has suffered the highest pandemic casualties of any country on the planet, with more than 816,000 recording Covid-19 deaths and 52 million cases.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707012/We-have-more-work-to-do-on-Covid-19-test-shortage- “There’s more to do,” Biden says of the lack of Covid-19 testing.

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