They did! Med Whole Cap Optimist Paddle Board

Six French women have completed a harsh, non-stop journey of 1,800 kilometers on a paddleboard, all in the name of a charity, from Monaco to Athens.

It’s hard to imagine a 1,800 km paddleboard warming up for anything, but for the brave cap optimist woman.

Their recently completed voyage from Monaco to Athens heralds an even greater challenge that women are setting for themselves. That is, a 8,000 km trip between Peru and Moorea, Tahiti, French Polynesia is scheduled for January 2023.

On a trip from Monaco to Greece, six women, Stephanie Barney, Emmanuel Becheron, Margot Calvet, Alexandra Lux, Basque Marigo Geneche and Itzial Abascar, row for more than 320 hours at night for 13 days. , Stepped into the dry land. Saturday 18 againth June in the port city of Pizzeria.

Athletes faced lightning and storms, two-meter-high swells, strong headwinds, and even unexpected encounters with sharks, and encountered several unusual situations during their voyage.

These difficulties further strengthen women’s determination and are more closely linked than ever to face the next big challenge.

Of course, the Cap Optimist team’s love for the ocean and sports has helped them achieve this amazing feat, but it also has a human side. The event was fundraised by Hope Team East with the support of the Albert II Foundation, the Greek Community of Monaco, Minister of Greece Janis Prachiotakis, Mayor of Piraeus Ioanis Moralis, Yacht Club of Piraeus, Sophia and Costantinos Zvelekakis. The we.

All funds raised by sponsors, friends and supporters have been donated to the ELPIDA Cancer Children’s Friends Association and Princess Charlene of the Monaco Foundation.

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