Things to do in Sarpsborg, Norway

Sarpsborg is a pleasant central industrial city. Here are some things to do in Sarpsborg, Norway.

I recently found myself heading to Sarpsborg for the weekend. It was scheduled for several hours. Sarpsborg is not a well-known tourist destination, so I was wondering how to pass the time.

Sarpsborg and Norwegian flag

Having never been to the city, I didn’t know what to expect.All I knew about this city before my trip was that it was nearby. FredrikstadAll in all, I had enough to keep the whole weekend occupied.

If you are heading to Sarpsborg on business or just looking for something different Day trip from OsloHere’s what I learned about the city.

Introduction to Sarpsborg, Norway

The city was founded as ‘Borg’ in 1016 by the Viking King Olav Haraldsson. It was burned to the ground by Swedish invaders in the 16th century when much of the population took refuge in nearby Fredrikstad.

Exhibition of flowers in the city of Sarpsborg.

Tragedy struck again in 1702, when much of the rebuilt town disappeared again, this time following a landslide into the Groma River. Today around 55,000 people live in the city of Sarpsborg.

Borregaard ASA has long been the region’s most important industrial player. Originally a pulp and paper producer, the group now focuses on bio-refineries that produce wood-based products.

Things to do in Sarpsborg

While not brimming with attractions, Sarpsborg and its surroundings have some interesting things to do.

sarp waterfall: This powerful regulated waterfall on the edge of Sarpsborg has long been exploited for its energy.The reason is sarp waterfall It is one of the most powerful such waterfalls in Europe.

Sarp Falls in Sarpsborg
Saap Waterfall.

The lookout offers visitors a high view of the stream, and the riverside walk to get there is dotted with historical points of interest.It’s about a 25-minute walk from downtown.

Explore Kurash Park: This sprawling park in the heart of Sarpsborg is well worth exploring. A small stage and outdoor amphitheater host a variety of cultural events, from concerts to his May 17 National Day celebrations. For such events he has space for 6,000 people.

There are several paths through the park that take visitors past several sculptures and further through wooded areas.

Bridge at Kulåsparken in Sarpsborg.
Closeparken bridge.

Follow the leafy residential streets at the southern end of the park to the event center in a former mansion in Boregård Hovedgord.

Other Sightseeing Options in Sarpsborg

The compact city center is easily explored on foot. There are a few other things to see and do, depending on your interests. Turn away from the town squares, at least in the summer, where the main shopping centers are located and there’s plenty of room to sit and enjoy the sun.

public art and sculpture: It’s not uncommon to see public art in the city these days, but the weirdness of Sarpsborg’s art stood out.

The strangest thing was definitely this giant silver head in a pond in the middle of a residential area just a few minutes walk from the city center.

Silverhead in Sarpsborg Pond.
The silver head of the pond.

Other public art included a series of colorful, oversized wooden deckchairs placed in various locations around town. There are also various sculptures in Klosparken and a golden bathing bear at Sankt His Marie Gate.

Golden Bear of Sarpsborg.
Golden Bear of Sarpsborg.

Inspiria Science Center: Inspira on the edge of Sarpsborg is an educational center for local schoolchildren throughout the week. But on weekends, it becomes a science-based adventure center, planetarium and an outdoor bike park.

At the time of writing, the dinosaur exhibit features 20 life-size dinosaur models, including iconic species Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus.

super land: Superland, an indoor swimming center next to the Inspira, is a family-friendly swimming pool with slides and other attractions. Owned by Quality Hotel and co-located, so if you want to spend a day here, consider staying there.

shopping: Opened in 1999, the Storbyen shopping mall is a great place for shopping in the city centre. Centered around the Meny supermarket, it houses 70 shops and restaurants.

AMFI Borg is a few miles away from the city center on the main E6 motorway. This is another shopping center of similar size with some additional supermarkets nearby.

watch a football game: Formed in 2008 by merging several local clubs, Sarpsborg 08 play for Norway’s top level Elite Serien. Norwegian football.

Sarpsborg Stadium, home of Sarpsborg 08.
Sarpsborg Stadium, home of Sarpsborg 08.

The team is based at the 8,000-capacity Sarpsborg Stadion and usually plays on Sundays. Attendance is usually about half that, so there should be no problem getting tickets for most matches.

watch an ice hockey game: Sparta Sarpsborg playing at the top level of Norwegian ice hockey. Norway’s oldest ice hockey stadium is based in Sparta Amfi.

Read More Where to stay in Sarpsborg

There are several hotels in the center. Scandic is located in the same building as the Storbyen shopping center and bus station. The nearby Hotel 1016 Olaf Digre is another budget option.

Consider staying at the Quality Hotel if you plan to visit the Inspira Science Center or Superland. Located on both attractions along the E6 motorway, this hotel is only suitable if you have transport or are not interested in going to the city centre.

How to get to Sarpsborg

Sarpsborg is located on the E6 motorway in Norway, 90 km south of Oslo and just 30 km from Oslo. Swedish border at Svinesund. Driving in either direction is easy.

By public transport, you can take the train or bus from Oslo. By train, Sarpsborg is about an hour and a half south of Oslo. Look for his Vy train to Halden.

If you prefer to take a bus, the Vy Buss from Oslo Bus Terminal takes about 1.5 hours. Save money by booking one of your trips in advance. Things to do in Sarpsborg, Norway

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