“This doesn’t help us defeat the enemy.”The new report focuses on the Ukrainian ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova, who was fired after authorities could not confirm her story of rape committed by Russian soldiers.

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2019 Ludmila Denisovan

On Monday, the Ukrainian newspaper Ukrainska Pravda paper About the work of former Ukrainian Civil Rights Commissioner Ludmila Denisowa in the last few months.Denisovans Rejected By a Ukrainian parliament in May after losing a vote of no confidence. But not long ago, Denisovan was one of the most frequently quoted Ukrainian officials by the media. In other topics, she often talked about crimes committed by the Russian army.

According to Ukraine Prouda, after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Human Rights Commission’s office made 50,000 hotlines between February and May, according to official data. Opened a line. People asked questions about everything from missing relatives to evacuation routes to the crimes of Russian soldiers. In the words of one employee, “Anyone who can sit in front of the phone does so, and we answer dozens of phones.” UNICEF has purchased additional phones and servers for the office.

On April 1, the office launched a “special helpline for psychological support” and claimed to have hired five professional psychologists to operate the phone. In mid-April, the office report Workers received calls from 400 people, saying that most of the calls were related to crimes of sexual nature. The report also nominated one of the psychologists, Oleksandra Kvitko.and interview Along with the journalist, Kvitko gave disturbing details from the alleged caller told her. Similar stories later began to appear in official statements from the office and from Denisovan himself, include At the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Oleksandra Kvitko is the daughter of Ludmila Denisovan. According to Ukrainska Pravda, she began publicly participating in the ombudsman’s work at least in 2019.Kubitko’s work on the hotline was carried out under a contract with UNICEF, so according to her outlets, there was no formal conflict of interest (her dismissal, Denisovan). Said The psychological support project was organized without her involvement).

Oleksandra Kvitko

According to office sources, the work of the “special helpline for psychological support” consulted by Kvitko was significantly different from other projects in the office in terms of lack of transparency. Kvitko’s colleague did not know “who is calling, how often the call is being recorded, and what kind of assistance is being provided to the victim.” They didn’t even know the name of the psychologist who worked with Kvitko.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, journalists tried to verify what Denisova and Kvitko publicly told, but “could not find confirmation of their material.” The newspaper also reported that the Ombudsman office had never sent criminal charges or victim contact information to law enforcement agencies (Denisovans after her dismissal). Said She had no right to report information and only a “UNICEF Hotline Psychological Consultant” could do it. )

When Denisovan’s men asked about the strange behavior of the manager, Ukrainska Pravda sources said the only answer she gave them was “we are working on the information side.”

Ukrainian public prosecutor’s office officials sought to confirm reports of raped children in Ludmila Denisowa. In April, we were able to confirm the details of such an incident, during which time the Ombudsman office “was telling more and more new stories.” When they couldn’t confirm any further stories, they decided to bring Denisovan for her question to determine who her source was.

Denisovan “could not identify the source” in the first cross-examination, but admitted in the second cross-examination shortly before his dismissal that he “learned everything from his daughter.” Later, according to Ukrainska Pravda, Denisovan explained to the prosecutor, “I told these horrific stories because Ukraine wants to win.”

Oleksandra Kvitko was also cross-examined, Ukrainska Pravda reported. According to the outlet, she told the prosecutor that in a month and a half, her hotline received more than 1000 calls, 450 of which were related to child rape. However, authorities could only find a record of 92 calls.

Kvitko was unable to provide details such as who called her or who led the victim to which doctor. There was no indication that these victims actually existed. She said she had spoken to her mother “drinking tea.”

Ukrainska Pravda was unable to get comments from Ludmila Denisowa, Oleksandra Kvitko, or UNICEF.

Dozens of women working in the Ukrainian media a few days before Denisovan was fired statement Publish only verified information, choose your language carefully, and encourage her to avoid unnecessary details. “Sensational material, stigma, hints, and weird details surrounding human tragedy do not help defeat enemies or communicate the issue of sex crimes during the war,” read the letter.

As of late June, Ukrainska police are investigating 20 cases of rape, the main suspect being a Russian soldier, according to Ukrainska Pravda. According to lawyer Larisa Denisenko, this is a significant number given the heavy stigma faced by rape victims. The authors state that a single investigation can result in multiple incidents, and the statistics “may not reflect the actual scale of the crime.”

Ukrainska Pravda emphasized that the article about Denisovan “does not question the fact that Russians committed rape in Ukraine.” However, the false story about rape writes that “it just falls into the hands of the enemy.”

Medusa wrote In detail About the crimes (murder and rape) committed by Russian soldiers in the village of Bogdanifka in the Kyiv region of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops in March 2022. One of these soldiers, Michael Romanov, is being tried in the absence of Ukraine for raping Bogdanifka. He is a resident and is killing her husband. “This doesn’t help us defeat the enemy.”The new report focuses on the Ukrainian ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova, who was fired after authorities could not confirm her story of rape committed by Russian soldiers.

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