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This house is built around a mango tree without cutting a single branch

In a world where trees are cut down and animals are killed to meet the extravagant needs of mankind, Udaipur men have chosen to save nature over building a dream home.

Ajmer-born businessman Kuru Pradeep Singh built a three-story house around a tree branch. Pradeep and his family live on a 40-foot-high mango tree in Udaipur, with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a library and a living area.

“The area where our arboreal house stands is known for fruit trees. People were selling these fruits from more than 4,000 trees to earn a living. But due to population growth , They started cutting down trees, “he said. THe is better india..

Shin’s journey began in 1999 when he began looking for plans to build a house. He stuck to his decision not to hurt the trees to build the house.

“When I told the realtor not to cut down the tree and instead replant it elsewhere, he rejected the idea and left, so I took it as a challenge. Instead of uprooting, I devoted myself to building a house on top of it. Immediately I got this parcel with a mango tree in the center at a reasonable price, “he says.

The construction of his house was completed in a year with the help of an architect. The second floor of the house was built around a tree that was only 20 feet high at the time.

The house, with its steel structure, walls and floors made of cellulose sheets and fibers, stands 9 feet above the ground, supported by its trunk. Four pillars are arranged around the tree, and it functions as a conductor in the event of lightning.

No tree branches were damaged to build this three-story house.

Shin has received many calls from people inspired by his home, but to this day there has been no collaboration.

The tree-top house is named after Limka’s record and is a tourist attraction alongside the beautiful fortresses and palaces of the city.

https://www.siasat.com/this-house-is-built-around-a-mango-tree-without-cutting-a-single-branch-2245616/ This house is built around a mango tree without cutting a single branch

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