“This is Cyprus” lawyer fined

A prominent Famagusta lawyer involved in the exposure of Al Jazeera’s golden passport scandal, which terminated the citizenship of the investment plan, was fined € 4,000 by the Cyprus Bar Association for insulting his profession.

Andreas Pittadjis was found guilty by the Bar Association’s Disciplinary Council on two of the five disciplinary actions following posts on social media that constitute professional misconduct.

He, Prospect Without their consent, without first reporting the case to the authorities, further reveal the details of the alleged crime.

Pittazis reveals personal information about two Al Jazeera “undercover journalists” who have revealed officials who appear to be willing to bend the rules for criminal Chinese investors to get a Cyprus passport It is said that it was done.

As the bar association pointed out, the fines are not related to the alleged corruption depicted in Al Jazeera, but to Pittazis’ actions and comments made on social media.

Pittazis faces further disciplinary action on issues raised in the documentary.

Al Jazeera investigative journalists use a hidden camera to curse house speakers Demetris Syllowris and AKEL MP, while developer Christakis Jobanis is fictitious despite a money laundering conviction. I pledged to give my passport to Chinese investors.

The report is also written by lawyer Pittazis, Chinese investor Various ways to avoid background checks, such as renaming or granting citizenship by your wife.

When reporters asked if such a “workaround” was possible, Pittazis told them that everything was possible — “this is Cyprus.”

Pittazis is well aware that the approach is fake, and he and Sylloris just played together to extract more information from the “representatives” to report to the police. I strongly deny the claim.

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