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This week, all the attention came to the NATO summit in Madrid. Member States have agreed on a number of changes to the doctrine of the Alliance and other defense measures.

NATO has decided to expand its swift response unit, Finland and Sweden have been offered official invitations to join the alliance, and the Baltic states have been promised to increase their military presence. All this is done to show Russia that it is unwise to attack NATO.

Meanwhile, the National Cultural Heritage Commission has created a list of objects that appear to be praising the Soviet Union. This list contains a total of 69 objects across Latvia, including the Victory Column of Paldaugava.

This week, the whole of Latvia was following the situation of Evita in Sigulda. Unfortunately, the missing 5-year-old girl was found dead. Police have launched an investigation.

BNN will provide the summer of last week’s most relevant events on the following topics: Monument to be deleted. Sigulda’s tragedy; Opinions about the war; Estonian fuel; Russia withdraws. Baltic security.

Monument to delete

Experts present a Latvian government list of 69 Soviet monuments to destroy

Photo: Paula Čurkste / LETA

Experts presented the Latvian government with a list of 69 objects praising the Soviet Union, as journalists were told by Julis Danbis, head of the National Cultural Heritage Commission (NKMP), on Thursday, June 30. did.

The committee configured for this task should investigate a total of 162 objects to see if they meet the criteria listed in the law and delete them. Studies have shown that some of the objects in question are already one, have no ideological purpose, or are in burial grounds.

At the same time, the government was presented with a list of 69 objects to be deleted.

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Sigulda tragedy

Found a missing girl dead in Sigulda

Volunteer, drone, gauja, search, missing girl, Perdu Street, 5 years old, beach, state police, parents
Photo: Unsplash

Almost three days later, on Tuesday, June 28, a search team consisting of Latvian police, city police, state guards, and volunteers found the death of a five-year-old girl who had previously disappeared in Sigulda. Did.

The exact cause of death is determined by autopsy.

A 5-year-old girl, Evita, went missing at Sigulda on the beach of the Gauja River (Peldu Street) around 14:00 pm on Sunday, June 26th.

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Opinions about the war

TV3 refused to broadcast boxer Mairis Briedis’s match on his view of the war in Ukraine

Match, War, Team, Russia, Contract, Mairis Briedis, Moscow, Miks Indrašis, Opinion, Broadcast, Spartak, Sportacent, Live, TV3, Ukraine
Latvian boxer Mairis Briedis and ice hockey player Miks Indrašis.Photo: LETA / BNN Collage

The GO3 platform and TV3 Group have refused to broadcast the match of Latvian boxer Mairis Briedis in Australia. This is because was reported by Tom’s Sir Senis, director of the TV3 Sports Division.

The platform also discovered that none of Latvia’s existing sports channels have plans to broadcast Briedis’ boxing matches.

The portal also reports another disappointment with Latvian sports. Moscow Spartak of the Kontinental Ice Hockey League team has officially announced that they have signed a one-year contract with Latvian forward Miks Indrašis.

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Estonian fuel

Gasoline sales decline in Estonia

Gasoline Price, Gasoline, Price, Fuel, Diesel, Gas, Estonia, Latvia, Taxes, Tourism, Estonia
Photo: Unsplash

According to the latest data, Estonian gasoline sales fell 9% in June. This decline was the fastest in the area adjacent to Latvia. As reported by Estonian ERR, Estonian residents are expected to travel to Latvia to buy fuel.

“Sales in early June reflect a 7-10% decline in gasoline sales over the past few months,” said Mart Raamat, CEO of the Estonian Petroleum Association.

Sales of the 98th brand gasoline in June fell from 44% to 38%, while sales of the cheaper 95th brand gasoline increased.

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Russian army retreat

Russia evacuates troops from Ukraine’s Zmiinyi Island

Snake Island, Exports, Grains, War, Russia, Russian Army, Residents, Ukraine, Ukrainians

On June 30, Russia evacuated the rest of the Snake Island camp and left this strategically important island of the Black Sea, as announced by the Operational Command South of the Ukrainian Army on Facebook.

Ukrainian troops reported that they launched missiles and bombardment on the island on the night of June 30, “using speedboats to evacuate the rest of the garrison and abandon the island.”

Ukraine reports that an explosion is still audible on the island, where fires continue. The situation remains unknown.

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Baltic security

Turkey agrees to join Sweden and Finland to NATO

Support, Baltic Sea, Security, War, Russia, NATO, Finland, Turkey, Ukraine, Sweden
Photo: Zane Bitere / LETA

Turkey has finally agreed to help Sweden and Finland join NATO, as confirmed by Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on Tuesday, June 28.

NATO Secretary General Jason Stoltenberg reported that NATO leaders will officially invite Finland and Sweden to the alliance this Wednesday.

This Tuesday, Sweden, Finland and Turkey signed a Trilateral Memorandum of Understanding during the Summit in Madrid. The agreement, as stated in the announcement by the President of Finland, “confirms that at this week’s Madrid Summit, Türkiye supports the invitation of Finland and Sweden to NATO member states.”

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