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This Week’s Hot Topic in Latvia: What to Do with Riga’s Victory Monument Complex? Residents are not allowed to come near this monument and celebrate anything. This week, the Riga City Council declared the monumental complex dangerous to the people and surrounded it.

This week’s news came from the Latvian government: a conceptual agreement was reached on the construction of a national liquefied gas terminal to ensure a complete embargo on Russian gas.

At a show of support to Ukraine, the Presidents of Poland and the Baltic Sea met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky this week to visit Kyiv to see for himself what the Russian troops did in the suburbs of Kyiv. ..

BNN will provide the summer of last week’s most relevant events on the following topics: Gas; Unsafe monument; Kremlin; French presidential election; Lithuanian tourism.


Photo: Polish and Baltic Presidents meet with Ukrainian Zelensky

The Presidents of Poland and the Baltic Sea will meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.Photo: Il mārs Znotiņš / Prime Minister of the State

Baltic countries and Poland, both in military and humanitarian assistance, as confirmed by the Presidents of Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kib on Wednesday 13th. April continues to actively support Ukraine suffering from Russia’s invasion.

As reported by the Latvian Prime Minister, Zelensky appreciated the visit and emphasized that the visiting president showed great support and friendship to Ukraine. Together they visited abandoned cities and villages and became witnesses to the horrifying consequences of the Russian invasion.

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The ruling coalition has conceptually agreed to build a liquefied gas base in Latvia.

Russian gas, construction, war, Russia, Latvia, LNG, sanctions, liquefied gas terminal, Ukraine
Photo: Reuters / SCANPIX

The parties forming the government have conceptually agreed to begin construction of a liquefied gas terminal (LNG) in Latvia, Prime Minister Krishyaniskarish said at a press conference after the Allied Party meeting.

The Prime Minister said the Ministry of Economy has been ordered to work with potential investors to assess who will build the terminal and where. Kariņš said this is a medium-term project.

In the short term, the Ministry of Economy will continue discussions with Estonia and Finland to secure a natural gas supply from the Paldisk LNG terminal, which is under construction in Estonia and is scheduled to end this year.

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Unsafe monuments

Mayor of Riga: Victory Park’s monument complex has been declared unsafe

May 9, Urban Development, Stakis, Victory Monument
Photo: LETA / BNN Collage

The monument complex at Victory Park has been officially declared unsafe. Because of this, the city administration will block it, said Mayor Riga Martinsh Steis.

The Riga City Council’s Urban Development Report states that the technical status of the monument complex at Victory Park is deteriorating year by year and is no longer considered safe for the population.

Considering the findings, the Riga Monument Agency will enclose the Monument Complex on Monday, April 11th. According to a representative of the Riga City Council, this situation will continue until the authorities make a decision.

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Moscow trying to discourage Finland and Sweden from joining NATO

Finland, Sweden, Attention, Nordic countries, Stability, Russia, Attention, Defense
Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman. Photo: EPA / SCANPIX

The war in Ukraine is changing public opinion about the possibility of joining NATO in Finland and Sweden. The British public broadcaster BBC reports that Russia is trying to influence Russia by assessing both Scandinavian countries that joining a military alliance will not improve Europe’s stability.

This week, a spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov reiterated the view of national leaders that Brock is “not an alliance that guarantees peace and stability, and its further expansion does not bring more security to the continent.” rice field.

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French presidential election

Final vote for the French presidential election between Le Pen and Macron

France, Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen, Politics, EU, Europe

In France, incumbent Emmanuel Macron came in first, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen came in second, and the first round of the presidential election took place, the British news portal The Guardian reports.

In the elections on Sunday, April 10, Macron won 27.6% of the votes, surpassing Le Pen’s 23.4%, according to initial predictions by France Television’s Ipsos.

France’s incumbent liberal president scored higher than his first round five years ago, after issuing a harsh warning to voters to keep the far right and defend France’s position in international diplomacy. A stage in the midst of the Ukrainian war, which clearly gained support in the last few hours of the campaign.

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Sightseeing in Lithuania

BNN Analysis | Ukrainian bombardment and artillery leads to cancellation of Western holidays in Lithuania

Lithuania, Special Feature, Airport, Tourism, Europe, Travel, Palanga, Trakai, Safety, BNN Analysis
Pedestrian road in Palanga, Lithuania. Photo:

The Ukrainian war has been echoing all over the world, and it is also echoing in Lithuania. Unfortunately, horrifying photos and videos from the war-torn Ukrainian city are very scaring of some Westerners and even cancel their vacation plans in Lithuania, about 1000 kilometers away from the war zone.

«Usually, hotels accommodating groups of visitors state a few weeks ago that reservations made by the German and Austrian Tourism Boards were canceled until May 15. The Nida Cultural Tourism Information Center «Aguila» told BNN.

Neringa’s resorts are being freed from the COVID-19 pandemic that has discouraged German tourists from traveling to picturesque, calm and German heritage-rich municipalities for the past two years. She says.

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