Thousands face chaos as Britain shuts down for Queen’s funeral

As Queen Elizabeth’s funeral takes place across the UK on Monday, thousands of people face the cancellation of doctor appointments, the closure of food banks and the closure of supermarkets due to a sudden national holiday. ing.

Many patients are frustrated after being told their National Health Service (NHS) appointments they had been waiting for months to secure were suddenly cancelled.

Physician lobby DAUK co-chair Ellen Welch told Reuters: “For patients who may have been waiting up to two years for elective surgeries or appointments, if canceled on the 19th, this would be very painful. will be

“As frontline NHS staff, DAUK wonders whether government decision makers really understand how their decisions play out on the ground,” Welch said. increase.

The UK’s national NHS is already facing its worst ever staffing shortages, with more than 6 million people on hospital waiting lists. It processes an average of 888,000 general medical appointments each day, according to Reuters calculations based on data over the past six months.

There are also concerns about NHS resources needed to rebook appointments and doctors having to make childcare arrangements on short notice.

“The problem is really short notice. You can always make plans for scheduled vacations,” said Helen Salisbury, a doctor and professor at the University of Oxford.

“When you think about people waiting for a cancer diagnosis or chemotherapy, it’s really hard to know how they’re going to proceed with their treatment.”

As with national holidays, NHS staff will ensure emergency and emergency services are available, the spokesperson said.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Liz Truss said the NHS “will continue to operate in the day and will operate on a large scale”.

“Clearly, individual trusts are monitoring the potential impact of the postponement.”

“This country has gone crazy”

Other organizations have faced criticism for their decision to suspend services out of respect.

British Cycling has been forced to withdraw guidance asking people to limit biking on Mondays after facing ridicule.

Musician John Spiers tweeted, “The country has gone crazy…British Cycling strongly recommends that no one rides a bike during the Queen’s funeral.

Center Parcs, which runs the Holiday Village, has suddenly advised vacationing guests to leave on Monday and return the next day while staff are watching the funeral.

It then backed down and allowed guests to stay in the village after facing protests, according to media reports.

The government has said it has no obligation to cancel or postpone events or close venues, leaving such decisions up to individual organizations.

Various other economic activities are also likely to come to a halt on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Many supermarkets, which usually have reduced hours on other holidays, have declared that they will be closed on Monday. Among them is Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer. TSCO.LAsda, Iceland, Aldi, Poundland.

Other retailers such as Primark, Ikea, Harrods, WH Smith, other than cinema operator Cineworld CINE.L It also says it will be closed.

If you’re dying for a cheeseburger, you’ll have to wait.McDonald’s MCD.N has announced that all restaurants in the UK will be closed until 5pm on Monday.

Some food banks, lifelines for poor households, have also announced closures, and several striking unions have also suspended industrial action planned in their honor.

Other events canceled during the mourning include London Fashion Week shows, English Premier League football matches and various other sporting events.

London’s Heathrow Airport, the UK’s busiest airport, said it expected changes to operations on Monday, while nearly two hours passed on Wednesday as the Queen’s coffin was carried in procession through central London. I warned that the flight would be interrupted.

(Reuters) Thousands face chaos as Britain shuts down for Queen’s funeral

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