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Thousands march across Sudan for civilian control despite strict security

Security forces blocked the bridge, disconnected telephone lines, and restricted the Internet, causing large crowds to march in several cities, waving flags, beating drums, dancing, and chanting.

Security forces used tear gas to disperse people approaching the palace. (AFP)

Thousands of Sudanese protesters gathered for two months Since the military coupDemands soldiers to “return to the barracks” and demands a transition to civilian rule.

Sudanese security forces fired tear gas on Saturday to disperse protesters in Khartoum when demonstrators went out to the streets in the country’s capital and elsewhere.

The march began at various locations, from where the protesters intended to gather at the presidential residence.

Authorities warned protesters of approaching a “sovereign and strategic” location in the center of Khartoum — references to major government buildings and institutions.

The city’s security commission said the Sudanese army would “handle the turmoil and breaches,” the state-owned SUNA news agency reported.

Rallying was also underway in other cities such as Atbara, Port Sudan, Medani, Nyala and Erobid. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

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Online protesters were encouraging supporters with a slogan, including requesting

Online protesters encouraged their supporters with a slogan, including demanding “no negotiations” with the military. (AFP)

Previously deployed troops

Police officers previously blocked the bridge between the capital and the suburbs, cut off telephone lines, and Restricted the internet Prior to the planned protest.

Security forces last weekend Violently dispersed demonstrators When they tried to sit near the presidential residence.

At least three protesters were killed, More than 300 injured on Sunday.

There was also Allegations of sexual violenceAccording to the United Nations, it includes rape and mass rape by security forces against female protesters.

At least 48 people died in the crackdown during weeks of protest, according to an independent medical committee.

Volker Perthes, Sudan’s UN special envoy, called on security forces to “protect” planned protests and refrain from arresting people simply because they wanted to participate in demonstrations.

“Freedom of expression is a human right. This includes full access to the Internet. You should not be arrested for peaceful protests,” he said.

Activists say more demonstrations are planned for December 30th.

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