Thousands of businesses need to repay loans

More than 17,800 businesses and professionals are being asked to return state loans they received from seven cycles issued by the Treasury during the pandemic, known as “Deposit To Be Return.”

The above did not comply with the conditions stipulated by the relevant laws, such as the retention of staff for a certain period of time, and now we have to return the amount in lump sum and interest. In fact, some companies started laying off workers after receiving state subsidies, or did not file tax returns.

Some of them would have just paid off 25% of their government loans. For example, if the company received a total of €100,000, it should return €25,000.

A ministry official said some of the companies that laid off cited the excuse that they didn’t know they had to keep their employees. There have been cases of companies failing to comply with the conditions for retaining employees at any stage and completely ignoring all conditions provided by laws and decisions. Thousands of businesses need to repay loans

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