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Thousands of families evacuated by Haiti floods after heavy rain

Nearly 36 hours of rain caused flooding, primarily in the northern part of the Caribbean, filling the historic center of Cap-Haitien with water.

Haiti is a region prone to natural disasters, as there are often densely populated communities in flood-prone areas. (AP archive)

Thousands of homes were flooded and about 2,500 households were lost in Haiti as the river ruptured the embankment in heavy rain.

Rescue teams have begun evacuating people in high-risk areas, civil protection officials said Monday.

Approximately 36 hours of rain caused floods, primarily in the northern Caribbean countries, water filled the historic center of Cap-Haitien, and strong winds knocked down trees, officials said.

“People in flood-prone and wind-exposed areas need to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves,” officials said in a statement.

“First and foremost, do not cross a flooded river under any circumstances.”

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Extensive damage

The floods have already affected the town of Anse a Vaux, killing two people near the epicenter of last week’s quake, but the overall damage was limited.

Overall, the storm destroyed at least three homes and flooded more than 2,570 homes.

The storm also flooded the power plant, collapsed the bridge and isolated one community. In one town, people were walking in the deep water in an attempt to rescue their bikes and other belongings.

Some families grabbed each other by hand, fighting the flowing floods, balancing large bags and other items on their heads.

Haiti is usually prone to natural disasters due to poor housing conditions, and flood-prone areas are often populated by poor and densely populated communities.

The 2010 earthquake killed about 300,000 people, and last year the earthquake on the southern peninsula of the country killed another 2,000.

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