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Thousands of flights around the world will be canceled on Christmas weekend

Lufthansa, Delta, United Airlines and many other airlines said this year as pilots, flight attendants and other staff had to call or quarantine due to illness after being infected with Covid-19. I was forced to cancel my flight during one of my peak travel periods.

The average number of new cases of coronavirus in the United States has increased by 45% over the past week to 179,000 per day. (Reuters)

Commercial airlines around the world have canceled more than 4,500 flights on Christmas weekends.

This development began with the rise in Covid-19 infection caused by Omicron variants, which created greater uncertainty and misery for vacation travelers.

According to a running tally on the flight tracking website FlightAware.com, the airline dropped at least 2,401 flights on Friday. This is Christmas Eve and is usually a heavy day for air travel.

In addition, nearly 10,000 flights were delayed.

The website has indicated that 1,779 Christmas flights worldwide have been canceled in addition to the 402 scheduled flights on Sunday.

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United and Delta Air Lines cancel about 300 flights

According to FlightAware data, civilian air traffic in and out of the United States accounted for more than a quarter of all flights canceled over the weekend.

United Airlines and Delta Air Lines were among the first US airlines to report a wave of holiday weekend cancellations, Friday due to a shortage of personnel amid a surge in Covid-19 infections. Only scrubbed a total of nearly 280 flights.

Recent studies suggest that Omicron causes milder illnesses and lower hospitalization rates than previous Covid-19 variants, but health officials maintain a cautious note on the outlook.

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