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Thousands of flights canceled worldwide as vacation trips on Omicron Mars

Reuters / AFP / New York / Paris

The number of Covid-19 cases has skyrocketed to almost one-fifth worldwide this week as pandemics accelerated in most regions and Europe raged.
France, the United Kingdom and Italy set new records for daily Covid cases.
Private airlines around the world have canceled more than 4,000 flights on Christmas weekends as the rise in Covid-19 infections caused by Omicron variants has caused great uncertainty and misery for vacation travelers.
According to a running tally on the flight tracking website FlightAware.com, the airline yesterday discarded at least 2,314 flights worldwide. This falls on Christmas Eve and is usually a heavy day for air travel.
The website has indicated that in addition to the 340 scheduled flights tomorrow, an additional 1,404 Christmas flights worldwide have been cancelled.
In the UK, many industries and transportation networks have suffered from staff shortages due to self-isolation of sick workers, but hospitals warn of risks affecting patient safety.
According to statistics released Thursday by the Office for National Statistics, 1 in 20 Londoners was infected with Covid-19 last week and could increase to 1 in 10 by the beginning of this week.
In the UK, a record number of new coronavirus cases were recorded on Thursday as Omicron variants swept across the country.
France set another Covid-19 infection record yesterday, with daily infections approaching 100,000. This trend could lead the government to convene a special pandemic meeting on Monday, causing new movement restrictions.
Health officials reported 94,124 new Covid-19 cases yesterday, according to official data, but the number of people hospitalized for the disease reached nearly 16,200 in seven months.
Italy yesterday recorded two consecutive records of Covid-19 cases daily, with new cases reaching 50,599 compared to 44,595 a day ago, the Ministry of Health said.
Coronavirus-related deaths fell from 168 on Thursday to 141.
In the United States, both United and Delta have canceled dozens of Christmas Eve flights due to staff shortages due to a surge in infections.
Despite the disastrous news around the world, millions of Americans continued their travel plans until the second holiday season, which was hit by a pandemic, and most US flights went ahead.
New York will significantly limit the number of people who can enter Times Square for New Year’s Eve celebrations in response to the surge in new coronavirus cases.

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