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Thousands pray on the final day of the Telangana Tribal Fair

Hyderabad: Tens of thousands of believers prayed to the tribal gods at Medalam in the Murgu district of Telangana on the last Saturday of Medalam Jatara.

Tribes from different regions of Telangana and neighboring states paid homage to Samakka and Sararama and created beelines to serve jaguars according to tradition.

Considered the largest tribal fair in Asia, the four-day fair ended with a tradition of monks bringing the gods back into the forest.

Governor of Telangana, Tamilisai Soundararajan, was one of the people who prayed on the final day of Sammakka Saralamma Jatara, who prayed and made offerings.

Tribal monks, officials, Mulugu MLA Seetakka and others welcomed the governor, who went around “Gaddelu” to hold a special puja according to traditional indigenous rituals.

After interacting with media outlets, she said she prayed for the well-being of the country and its nation. She made a special wish to the tribal people for the celebration of the Indigenous Festival and called the fair one of the only indigenous celebrations in the country.

The Governor emphasized the need to promote, protect and perpetuate the rich and unique cultural traditions and customs of indigenous peoples.

Regarding the expedition to Medalam, Saunderarajan said he believes that he will have the opportunity to better understand the grassroots situation and connect with rural and tribal inhabitants.

The Governor emphasized the need to focus on the full development of the tribal population, and Raj Bhavan’s initiative to improve the nutritional status of people in primitive tribal groups is one such activity. Said that it was one.

Prime Minister K. Chandrasekhar Lao, who was scheduled to visit Medalam to attend a tribal fair on Friday, canceled his program at the last moment. He had no reason to cancel his visit.

State Ministers Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Gangula Kamalakar, Malla Reddy, Indrakaran Reddy, T. Srinivas Yadav, and several MLAs from the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), were in Medalam to meet the Prime Minister on Friday.

BJP President Bandy Sanjay, who attended the tribal festival on Friday, accused the Prime Minister of canceling his visit. He claimed that KCR insulted the tribal community and Telangana culture by skipping the festival.

Minister of Tourism and Culture G. Kishan Reddy also visited Medalam on Friday and participated in the ceremony.

A. Revanth Reddy, Chairman of the Terrangana Pradesh Parliamentary Commission (TPCC), also held Darshan on Saturday in Medalam Jatara. Like all other believers, he provided the gods with a “bangalam” (jaggary).

Revanth Reddy, who is also a member of Lok Sabha, said Medaram Jatara should be declared as a national festival. He said it was a pity that the state and central government did not properly recognize the festival after Kumbh Mela.

It is estimated that over 100 million rupees have visited Jatara in the last few days. Many believers prayed before the start of the fair on February 16th.

The tribes meet in Medalam once every two years to celebrate the courage of the legendary warriors Samakka and Salak.

The tribes treat them as goddesses and celebrate their courage to protect them. The mother-daughter duo belonging to the Koya tribe died in the battle with the Kakatiya Empire.

Legend has it that Samakka and her daughter Sararama fought the taxation of the tribes during the drought by the then-Kakatiya rulers of the 12th century.

The tribal king Medaraju controlled the tribal settlements on the banks of the Godavari River and was to pay the royalties to King Kacatiya. However, due to a severe long-term drought, Medaraju was unable to pay royalties. Treating it as a rebellion, King Kakatiya invaded the area. In the battle with the Kakatiya army, Medaraju and all relatives died. His daughter Sammakka and her daughter Sarakka or Saralamma also died in battle.

According to local folklore, tired Sammakka went to the top of the Chilukalagutta hill and disappeared. The Adivasi, who reportedly went looking for her, only found a vermilion casket under a bamboo tree.

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