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On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of Norwegians gathered nationwide to celebrate freedom, democracy and solidarity at the traditional May 1 parade of workers. Before the corona crisis began, they couldn’t get so many people together, and the marching people had a lot of problems in their minds.

Norwegians have long been able to celebrate what is officially called “International Workers’ Day,” and at least in southern Norway, the weather has helped. This group from the Oslo branch of the Labor Party also revealed that they support Ukrainians fighting to protect their country from Russian invaders.

Russia’s Ukrainian war received a lot of attention, with demonstrations in front of parliament before the parade began, after which many marched in Oslo behind this flag labeled “Solidarity with Ukraine”. ..

“We will always stand up for freedom,” declared Peggy Hessen Følsvik, leader of LO, Norway’s largest trade union. However, she emphasized that she could not urge Norwegians to discriminate against Norwegian Russians and hold them accountable for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s attack.

Følsvik dealt with thousands of people gathered in Youngstorget, A large public square in Oslo in front of the Norwegian Labor Party headquarters. The word “Support Ukraine” is also written on the window of the office building on the right side, and the donation number on the mobile phone is written.

A long parade around the city, from teachers, nurses, transport workers, electricians, firefighters, and the fight against racism Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) pilots strive to maintain their jobs, Working conditions and wage levels. Calls from climate change activists have also called for stopping oil exploration and increased production, liberating Palestinians and ending the blockade of Gaza.The largest group marched behind the banner Oslo saves the country’s largest hospital in Ullevål, Because it will be split and replaced by two new hospitals. But the Labor-led government is forcing controversial projects.

ØstensjøJanitsjarThe parade would not be complete without a marching band, and there were many marching bands nationwide. Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre delivered his first May Day speech as Prime Minister in Larvik, emphasizing the need to continue lowering Norway’s already low unemployment rate. He also visited Drammen, Skene and Askar, and other top politicians instigated the country. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a major topic, and Foreign Minister Aniken Huitfeld has vowed to the Hommervic audience that Norway will accept Ukrainian refugees and continue to support the Ukrainian government.

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Sentence: Berglund Thousands welcomed solidarity | Norwegian news in English —

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