Three Hungarian Olympic champions have moved to London and found tranquility there!

Aaron Szilagi has moved to London, three-time Olympic champion, world and European champion of saber fencing. He said no one recognized him on the tube. Therefore, he can live undisturbed in the British capital.

No one in London recognizes him

Aaron Szilagi won his third Olympic gold medal in individual saber fencing in Tokyo in 2021. After that, he took a break for two months. He said he needed time and a new urge. He seems to have found it on the side of his wife in London – report. He revealed on the morning show on the Hungarian commercial TV channel Regeri that his wife found her new job in London. He chased her without hesitation in the British capital, he added.

“”No one recognizes me in the tube– He emphasized in Reggeli.

He added that his life in London is much calmer than in Budapest.

In Hungary, he has many obligations and public places. Therefore, he goes home on a regular basis. In London, he trains with an English fencing team. Meanwhile, he continues to work for the Vashash team in Budapest. He has been President of the Vasas Sport Club Fencing Division since 2020.

Aaron Shiragi. Photo: Instagram

He is preparing for the next olympic games

The rest seems to have worked for the three Olympic champions. In March he achieved excellent results at the Gerevich–Kovács–Kárpáti Personal World Cup.

“I’ve never finished an international contest with double gold in my career,” he said. Szilágyi won the gold medal both personally and as a member of the team. But he doesn’t stop. Szilágyi has begun preparing for the 2023 Paris Olympics.

Aaron Shiragi

Aaron Shiragi and his wife, Betty Zant. Photo: Instagram

Aaron Szilagi is the only male fencing player to win three Olympic gold medals. In addition, he did it in a row. He started fencing at the age of nine at Vasas SC in Budapest. This is still a club as of 2015. His first coach was Gerzigerevich.Read more about his career Wikipedia page..If you want to hear more news, follow his Facebook page Here..

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Source:, Wikipedia Three Hungarian Olympic champions have moved to London and found tranquility there!

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