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Three learnings for companies to implement in 2022

In a year of great change that has brought about an “energy shift” among other areas of social and industrial upheaval, our people, families, businesses, in fact our very social structure and us How they interact was at the heart of it.

But in many respects, we are through increasingly diversified commercial activities and a positive approach to public health, where the UAE consistently exceeds the charts in terms of Covid-19 testing and vaccination. I have overcome the storm.

Perhaps the biggest aspects of business operations we missed were direct meetings, technical discussions, and negotiations.

However, despite this overall sense of progress, I hesitate to use the term “business as usual” and feel that I have to do better in the future.

There are three things to remember:

1. Smart solutions are the future
2. Sustainable agenda will change everything
3. Collaboration is essential

First, smart solutions refer to all the digitized infrastructure and data-driven industrial processes exhibited around ADNEC. [during ADIPEC] This year, and more and more at other trade fairs and trade fairs around the world. These are not distant technology fantasies that dream of optimized workflows and accurate data capture and analysis. Instead, this is what we have today and anyone who is unaware of this shift will be left behind. Without the next-generation sensors that would generate accurate inputs for the data reservoir, the innovations and enhancements we saw would not have been possible. We all look forward to working smarter in a more measured future.

Second, corporate life requires a positive approach, and I believe that essentially all good companies are human-centric. Therefore, it is important to ensure that ESG is central to corporate strategy. COP26 has put the spotlight on the environmental crisis we are facing. While sustainable sourcing and innovation can permeate our day-to-day operations, we must all continue to drive social and governance challenges across our business establishments. There is no doubt that energy conversion will move sectors such as oil and gas and transform our daily lives. As business leaders, we have a responsibility to ensure that we have a positive impact on our colleagues and customers in this regard. Not doing so is unacceptable and must be called by colleagues, stakeholders, and members of the supply chain.

Third, I wanted to emphasize collaboration, though by no means less important. This is very important because it connects partners, distributors, customers, and a much wider range of stakeholders to build a better business than before. The future workplace must not only fit its current goals, but also serve the dual purpose of unleashing the potential of engineering students and graduates who are about to begin their careers. In order to build a better and more collaborative tomorrow, we need to stimulate the ongoing dialogue together.

Remember the positives of 2021 and put them together in 2022, which is smarter, more environmentally friendly and more collaborative.

Frank Jansen is responsible for Krone Middle East and Africa.

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