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Nassau, Bahamas—Three of the five children who stood up to testify to former parents of the Bahamas Children’s Emergency Hostel were deemed incapable of witnessing in ongoing court.

Six former hostel employees were charged with atrocities against children in January 2021 after a video showing a woman verbally scolding a group of young children and physically beating them. it was done.

This issue was heard in front of Justice of the Peace Kendra Kelly and saw five minor witnesses who would testify while six defendants were watching in public court.

During the examination of children aged 7 to 11, the three were unable to show the court whether they understood why they existed and what it meant to swear or swear in the Bible.

The children spoke calmly overall, and both judges and prosecutors often tried to assure them that there was nothing to fear.

During the testimony, the children kept their eyes on the floor, something on their hands, or the judge when prompted.

Eloise Canter, 53; Carmetta Woods, 47; Natasha Pratt, 46; Occonelle Gordon, 25; and Sabrina Smith, 61, was charged with atrocities against 11 children.

Prosecutors alleged on September 22, 2020 that a woman had illegally physically abused nine boys and two girls and caused unnecessary harm.

They all pleaded not guilty to the indictment.

Sean Seymour, 42, was charged with 11 charges of not reporting minor abuse.

She also pleaded not guilty to all counts.

The first runner was an 11-year-old boy who could explain to the court that he fully understood why he was there and understood the meaning of swearing and telling the truth. rice field.

The 4th grade When an adult told me that he was “not acting” and needed to be quiet, he and the other children at home remembered being in the hospital room.

He then told the court that the children were told to line up in the canteen and they started “wapping”, which meant they were “spanked.”

He told the court that he had hit his hand with something that looked like a brown ruler or “tamarind switch,” but he didn’t know what it was.

He said it broke in his hand when he was spanked with the item, and he was told to sit back later.

He then identified the three women in court as adults who remembered in the room that day, and named about eight other children who remember being there.

The minor then said the adult went to “beat” another child, but he was running around the table and was chased by the adult.

He also told the court that some of the other children had also been beaten with a “belt.”

When asked if he was injured when spanked, the boy said, “I didn’t feel much pain.”

During the only cross-examination conducted during the day’s trial, Sabrina Smith’s lawyer, Wallace Roll, told the boy if the children’s behavior was wrong that day, and he was punished at the facility. Asked if it was the first time.

He admitted that the children were cheating and had previously been spanked by hostel employees.

Roll also asked the boy if it was hit hard, if it was “cruel” or “nasty”, or if it caused “suffering”.

The 11-year-old boy said it didn’t make him cry, it only caused “a little pain,” but prosecutors went back and forth as to whether he understood the meaning of “suffering.”

The rest of the witnesses did not speak much in the testimony, and one child was urged by the judge to respond repeatedly.

When one of the nine-year-old boys was brought in for testimony, Sean Seymour’s lawyer, Larel Hansel, realized that the child looked timid and it was unfair to expose him to trials. Suggested.

Barry Sawyer, an Eloise Canter lawyer, repeated similar feelings, claiming that the process was “too traumatic” for the child.

The only other child to testify, a 9-year-old third grader, did not swear the Bible because he did not know what the Bible meant and was allowed to affirm before taking the swearing.

He told the children to be quiet on the day of the incident, but remembered, “We didn’t hear.” Then he was beaten in the ass, but showed that he didn’t remember who beat him or who was in the room.

Justice of the Peace, Judge Kerry, dismissed three of the witnesses from the stand after judging their understanding of the problem and determining that they were incapable of witnessing.

The problem will continue tomorrow at 11:00 am. Three of the five child witnesses in the Children’s Emergency Hostel trial who were deemed unfit to testify – Eye Witness News

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