Three people die in 24 hours on weekends – Eye Witness News

Police admit “public concerns” about recent killings and shootings

The Bahamas, Nassau — Three men were shot dead in separate incidents 24 hours a weekend, and violent crimes have continued to increase in recent months.

In a recent incident, a police officer who responded to a report of a shooting at AF Addari Junior High School found the body of a man in his mid-twenties who had a gunshot wound near the entrance to the school’s gymnasium around 1 pm on Sunday.

AF Adderley Gymnasium

Not long ago, the victim was playing basketball with a group of men in the gym — a common practice on Sundays at Graham Drive’s school.

As he left school, two shooters who entered the school campus approached him and shot him before he fled.

Police did not reveal the identity of the victim, but alleged relatives identified him as Randy Williams.

when Witness news Upon arriving at the scene, dozens of spectators and relatives gathered outside the school entrance, anxiously waiting behind the gate while police officers painted the campus on canvas.

Police foreman Audrey Peters

“The game was playing here, and as a result, the victim approached two firearmed shooters, firing weapons in his direction, fatally hitting him and injuring him. “.” Said Peters.

He advised that the authorities are following important leadership.

He also urged the general public and those on campus to come forward and share any information they might have about the shooting.

When asked if the victim was known to the authorities and / or monitored by an ankle bracelet, Peters said, “Individuals have the right to be protected by this office.”

Randy Williams of Garden Hills was charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and sexual assault in January.

He and another man allegedly broke into a businessman’s house in December 2021.

On Saturday, police officers responded to reports of a shooting at around 1 pm on East Street across from Coconut Grove Avenue and found a man lying on the porch of a bloody house.

Police said a firearmed man approached the victim sitting on the porch and shot him before escaping on foot.

A man was shot dead on Pigeon Plum Avenue and Ficus Street

The motive for firing was unknown.

Police officers were then called in for shootings at Pigeon Plum and Ficus Street in Pinewood Gardens around 11:00 pm on Saturday. There they found a man who fell to the ground near his car parked outside the house.

He was shot several times.

Police said the couple shot a driver in his twenties when he arrived at his residence and parked.

The passengers were unharmed.

Peters again appealed to the public to report illegal weapons.

The victim, a man in his mid-twenties, is taken to a hearse waiting in Gurney.

He said there was no evidence to suggest a relationship during the shooting.

Public interest

Police spokesman admitted that the shootings on the weekend increased “public interest”.

He states: “What I mean is that everyone is calling on the general public, who knows that their relatives have these firearms, to do good things and report. And share intimate details.

“Understanding human behavior. Our officers are on the ground and on the street, but they cannot be anywhere.

“Each citizen is a police officer and we encourage you to play your part so that you can secure our community.”

Meanwhile, the two men were hospitalized on Friday after being shot by a boy on the basketball court of Grace Community Church on Grace Avenue off Marathon Road. Three people die in 24 hours on weekends – Eye Witness News

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