Thunderstorms cause flooding nationwide

Torrential rains and flooding hit parts of the country, and thunderstorms marked the end of the heat wave.

The Met Éireann has extended a Status Orange Thunderstorm Warning until 10pm Monday night for Munster, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Laish, Offaly, Kildare, Wicklow and Dublin.

A weather forecaster said, “There will be heavy rain and hail in some places.

“Flooding in areas of heavy rainfall.”

Met Éireann added that due to the “sporadic nature” of thunderstorm activity, not all areas will be affected.

A small vessel warning from Roches Point to Slyne Head to Malin Head was also issued on Monday, with northerly winds expected to reach strengths of 6 and above.

After the heatwave ended Sunday night, heavy rains brought thunder, lightning and flash flooding in many places.

Met Éireann said temperatures for the rest of the week will generally be in the mid-10s to around 10s. Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be “fresh days with dry weather and light showers,” the forecaster added.

Thursday will be mild with occasional rain, while Friday will be a mix of showers and sunshine.

A thunderstorm ended Sunday night in Northern Ireland after the UK Meteorological Office issued a yellow weather warning warning of possible hail, lightning and flooding.

Heavy showers expected Monday evening initially in Antrim and Daun. Otherwise, the Japan Meteorological Agency said it would be “cloudy evenings and nights, with mostly light rain.”

Tuesday was forecast to be “partly cloudy with light rain”, but it will gradually clear up. The weather forecast for Wednesday was for a long period of bright, sunny days and mostly dry weather. Thunderstorms cause flooding nationwide

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