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Tianjin launches new test

China’s port city of Tianjin yesterday has its 14 million inhabitants to include a subspecies of Omicron, as analysts have warned of increasing economic costs to China for curbs to extinguish a cluster of coronavirus infections. Started testing a new round of people.
Toyota, a Japanese automaker, said the joint venture in Tianjin had an annual production capacity of 620,000 units and was shut down from Monday due to the impact on urban residents’ compulsory Covid-19 inspection suppliers.
“We plan to resume operations as soon as the government’s instructions and the safety and security of our communities and suppliers are confirmed and guaranteed,” Toyota told Reuters.
China, which is virtually sticking to the “zero-covid” policy, is a variant of the highly infectious Omicron prior to the Lunar New Year travel season later this month and while Beijing is preparing to stage the Winter Olympics. It is scrambled to prevent spread. From February 4th.
The tournament will be held in a “closed loop” without an international spectator. Yesterday, China announced the suspension of several international flights due to a positive case of Covid-19. Some cities across the country require quarantine for arrivals from Tianjin, and many cities encourage people to rest during the Lunar New Year, usually the busiest time of travel.
Tianjin, about 100 km southeast of Beijing, reported 33 domestically infected coronavirus infections confirmed on Tuesday, up from 10 on Monday, national data showed. After reporting two such cases over the weekend, it has not been determined whether the number of infections was omicron. Tianjin ordered employees of companies and other institutions to take a half-day break on Wednesday, demanding that their activities be kept “relatively static” in order to comply with the second mass test.
The city’s port state manager, the world’s eighth-largest container processor, said operations continued while employees were being tested. Goldman Sachs analysts quoted the economic costs of potentially enhanced measures, in a memo that lowered the 2022 growth forecast from the previous 4.8% to 4.3%, to help China contain Omicron. He said regulations are likely to be tightened. Analysts at Morgan Stanley also said that Omicron could “mean more costs than profits under China’s Covid Zero strategy” for the first quarter growth of the world’s second-largest economy this year. He said there was a downside risk to the forecast.
In central Henan, Anyang, where Omicron has also been detected in the community, reported 65 cases of local symptoms on Tuesday. This is a surge from just two days ago.
The number of cases in Tianjin and Anyo is lower than in many other countries, and the total number of local Omicron infections is unknown. Still, Tianjin made it difficult for people to leave the town, but Anyang ordered the inhabitants to stay indoors during the mass inspection, except for those with important work or being inspected. I did. Mainland China reported a total of 166 cases of local symptoms on Tuesday, exceeding 110 more than a day ago.

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