TMID Editorial: e-Scooter Nightmare

Police and security guards are said to have been fined 4,702 in connection with e-scooters in 2021.

One-third of the violations, 1,491, are for inconvenience to the general public, another 1,291 is for parking on the pavement, and another 724 is for obstructing free passage. It was a thing. Parking on the yellow line was fined 646 and fined 84 for riding scooters on sidewalks and promenades.

Even if fines are imposed on Sleema and St. Julian’s, it’s no wonder they’re almost halved. This is where they are most used.

Are they too few? Or is it too much?

We do not know. What is certain is that as each day goes by, these e-scooters become more annoying to drivers and pedestrians, and worse, more dangerous.

Let’s start with annoyance.

They are left on the sidewalk, blocking access to pedestrians, especially those with mobility problems and mothers / fathers with strollers. Some of these have literally seen the danger of stepping onto the road, as cars are driven around these scooters to allow them to navigate their journey.

They remain parked right next to the car, so the driver cannot leave unless these electronic scooters are lifted out of the way. We also park in front of the garage and front door to block access.

Another annoying problem is that drivers often cannot overtake on narrow roads, one-lane roads, or one-way roads with cars parked on one side of the road. This inevitably slows down traffic and causes congestion.

Then they pose a danger not only to riders but also to other road users.

How many times have you seen a rider zigzag along the road? How many times have you seen them riding against the traffic? How many times have you seen them not stop at a red light or turn a corner into a highway without seeing it? How many times have you seen a rider on a scooter with headphones on his ears unaware of what’s happening around him?

From the information provided by Congress, it doesn’t look like police and guards have booked too many riders to pose a danger-still, apart from punishing them for sabotage. As, it should be booked to not follow the most basic traffic rules. Many of them do not, and e-scooters do not have license plates, limiting the actions that guards and police officers can perform at that time.

They became a nightmare, and so it became unregulated. For one thing, why are riders not obliged to wear a helmet to protect themselves like a motorcyclist? Are you going to wait for the first dead to do something about it?

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