TMID Editorial: Pre-Planning for a Course Change

The Malta Chamber of Commerce stated in its forthcoming budget proposal that Malta will develop an overall master plan and a modified local plan supported by clear policies that leave no room for abusive exploitation in their interpretation and application. “We need it urgently,” he said.

Calls for better planning, clearer policies and an end to development abuses have been on the air in many sectors of society for many years, so are governments simply choosing not to listen, or I wonder if they are intentionally allowing Malta’s ugliness to happen.

Look around our villages and towns. A lot has changed over the years. Some areas have managed to retain their character, but their numbers are declining.

Given its current population, it could be argued that Malta needs to build upwards, but at least observing a certain uniformity in its streets and trying to create good looking buildings It should have been possible.

But it’s not. Successive governments allowed the manufacture of shoeboxes, resulting in the Malta of today. Gozo is getting there too. A few more years.

“The development and construction industry must improve and evolve with full respect for the heritage, history, culture, natural environment and well-being of Malta and Gozo,” said the Chamber of Commerce. “The ad-hoc planning approach that has been adopted over the years has tainted Malta and created uncertainty, excessive speculation and an unequal playing field between industry players and the general public.” continued. The Malta Chamber of Commerce believes that a piecemeal approach to planning is contrary to the very spirit of the plan. “Changes to development briefs, partial reviews, and the interpretation and application of conflicting policies must stop.”

Prime Minister, the ball has been firmly in your court since you took office. I want our islands to stop degrading and hopefully become a nicer looking area when new buildings are built.

Talk to environmental NGOs, talk to people and see what they want. Then draft a new policy to make Malta look better.

Ask yourself…Do people prefer to come to Malta or Sicily? Do they like to come to Malta or to one of the Greek islands? ? Malta is not the only island in the Mediterranean Sea. After all, tourists have a choice. Would you choose to vacation here or choose somewhere else?

You have to think carefully about what you want from Malta. We must protect our green spaces. We must beautify our streets by greening our cities. This is a path that the government has begun to withdraw. We need a policy of aesthetics, and we need to ensure that street facades are pleasing to look at, rather than an unsightly hodgepodge of designs. Our future generations will hold current politicians accountable. TMID Editorial: Pre-Planning for a Course Change

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