Today in Norway: Monday’s news roundup

Reducing energy use in Norway in autumn

According to data from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Authority (NVE), energy consumption in the autumn just past was significantly lower than in 2021.

Households in southern Norway reduced their energy consumption by 17% in September and 14% in October compared to last year.

The figures are corrected for two-year variations in temperature, NVE said a. statement.

traffic jam with snow

Snow has fallen in southern Norway this morning and many traffic jams and delays have been reported.

Broadcaster NRK said long queues were forming from Osane on the E39 motorway to Bergen. This is after two separate collisions closed the tunnel.

Queuing is not unique to Bergen, and problems have been reported elsewhere. It is recommended to check the situation locally before departure.

Insurance companies wary of summer tires

Perhaps in a timely manner, auto insurance companies will statement Encourage drivers not to delay switching from summer tires to winter tires.

Both companies point out that drivers are responsible for having the correct tires in their cars.

According to the statement, 13.6% of cars repaired from accident damage last winter were still fitted with summer tires.

Most accidents happen after the first snow falls.

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Covid-19 patients say memory loss after virus

A Norwegian study at Oslo University Hospital found that three times as many people in 2020 say they have poor memory after contracting Covid-19.

In 2020, about 3% of Covid-19 patients said their memory deteriorated after contracting the coronavirus. Researchers have found that about 10% now mention this issue.

The results may indicate that the problem may get worse over time and each time a person is infected with Covid-19.Preliminary figures were reported by P4. Today in Norway: Monday’s news roundup

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