Tokyo reports absolute temperature record for June

Tokyo (Sputnik)-The June temperature record was set in Tokyo on Thursday for the first time since meteorological observations began in 1875, with temperatures in the Japanese capital reaching 36.4 degrees Celsius (97.52 degrees Fahrenheit).

In this regard, the Japanese meteorological authorities have stated that Heat stroke in the metropolitan area26 prefectures out of 47 prefectures.

The Meteorological Agency recommends using air conditioning, drinking plenty of water, and not wearing a medical mask when there are no people nearby. It is also advisable to leave the house without special need or to refrain from excessive physical activity.

Due to the hot climate of Japan, summer is traditionally a season of active electricity consumption and is required to operate air conditioners at work, transportation, stores, and homes.

TEPCO’s power company, TEPCO, said Monday that the system was overloaded, urging residents in Tokyo and its neighbors to reduce power consumption. At the same time, the company urged consumers not to save energy on air conditioners to avoid heat stroke.

Japan could face a power outage next winter, and energy shortages are expected to be the most severe since 2012, when the country’s nuclear power plants were suspended following 2011. Fukushima nuclear accident.. This could require the Japanese government to require energy companies to restart old thermal power plants that were closed due to the expiration of uptime, and to restart nuclear power plants on a large scale. Tokyo reports absolute temperature record for June

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