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Tommy HilfigerRepresented and hosted by SARKK SA in Romania Tommy Jeans Refresh Session Held in Romania on June 8th, it aims to continue the brand’s sustainability mission. The brand, which wants to build a better future and provide consumers with 100% sustainable fashion by 2030, Tommy Jeans Refresh SessionIt also supports consumers’ access to useful information about creativity and recycling, sustainability and cyclical fashion, enabling them to make informed decisions about clothing and lifestyle choices.

Each new Tommy jeans The purpose of the collection is to make the most of the collection designed using 100% recycled denim clothing made with innovative technology that mixes cotton waste from the clothing industry with bed linen from the hotel industry. By that, fighting the waste of fabric is sewn in the yard from recycled PET plastic bottles.

The Tommy Jeans Refresh Session The event will take place at Atelier Florăria Iris in Bucharest, where content creators Mimi, Ana Gum, Ovidiu Mureșanu, Diana Munteanu, fashion stylists Lucy Faur, Daria Georgescu and Mădălina Preda will join the creative and media industry individuals. I participated. Adina Vîlcea.

A creative and sustainable approach aimed at contributing to the development of Romanian upcycling culture. During the event, guests accepted the challenge of attending a workshop to learn how to make various denim objects. This is a great opportunity to explore the world. Of denim that transcends traditional borders and shapes.

Motivation to discover how they can be part of it Tommy Hilfiger Aspiring for a journey of sustainability and the creation of a better future, each guest refreshed their imagination, was involved in the creation of denim items, and provided a second life for this material. The workshop was held by Sergiu Chihaia, a sculptor, textile designer and designer, professor of fashion at the National University of Arts Bucharest, and his third year students.

Participants also had the opportunity to appreciate an exhibition of denim objects and installations by UNArte students coordinated by Sergiu. The denim used comes from a selection of new unpainted jeans that aren’t for sale, drawing student work as a powerful source of inspiration.

Friends and fans Tommy jeans Brands are invited to participate in social media conversations using @TommyJeans and #TommyJeans.

Useful tips for sustainability

Less laundry.Wear more

In between washings, you can ventilate your jeans in the open sun, in front of windows and fans to reduce odor and bacterial buildup.

Quality, not quantity

Invest in high quality items carefully crafted for longevity.

Changes or gifts

Exchange the items you no longer wear with your loved ones and lead a new life. A new and useful habit that helps the earth. Tommy Jeans Refresh Session in Romania – Romanian Journal

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