Top 5 stories you may have missed

Top 5 stories you may have missed

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In case you missed it, The Luxembourg Times has handpicked the best stories of the week.

In case you missed it, The Luxembourg Times has handpicked the best stories of the week.

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Luxembourg suspends business registrations after EU decision

The Luxembourg Register of Company Owners states: Suspended access to that data later The EU Supreme Court has ruled that their names should be hidden It has disappeared from public view, undermining efforts to increase the country’s transparency.

“Following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 22 November 2022, access to the RBE [Luxembourg Business Register] The website over the internet has been temporarily suspended,” a registry of “beneficiary” owners said on its website.

journalists and pressure groupsRegain access to the Luxembourg Company Ownership RegisterJustice Minister Sam Tanson said Wednesday.

Land in major cities vacated by legal battles

Debris and dumped waste littered afA field the size of four football fields has been vacant for yearsminutes from some of the hottest construction sites that Luxembourg hopes will ease its dire housing shortage.

Legal battles between feuding owners explain the neglect of vast areas to the north. hollerich street, Great location within 10 minutes walk from the capital’s central station.

Clothes and suitcases are scattered around tents hidden in the jungle, suggesting that homeless people used to camp here. Locals complain that this neglect is damaging the reputation of Hollelich, an area already plagued by overt drug dealing and street prostitution.

Director of Max Planck Institute threatens to resign

One of the founders of Luxembourg’s prestigious Max Planck Institute threatened to resign unless think tank addresses toxic work environmentThis shows that the problem of harassment has not gone away in the face of its takeover by the University of Luxembourg.

Burkhard Hess will remain on the Board until his retirement of three to four years in 2020 as the academic institution was transferred to the University of Luxembourg after widespread media and trade union allegations regarding bullying and harassment of staff. was.

However, Hess has been offered another position as professor of procedural law at the University of Vienna and will not stay unless “ongoing problems and practices” are resolved, he said in a letter to staff.

No end to war in sight, new Cold War looming – expert says

The war in Ukraine is likely to drag on, as both Moscow and Kyiv have incentives to start negotiations. A new iron curtain is set to descend on Europe regardless of which side prevailssaid a prominent security expert.

Russia stunned the security community when Ukraine foiled the first phase of the war after recapturing much of the Kharkov region in September and scored another victory this month when it drove Russian forces out of Kherson. showed a level of incompetence.Rob de Wijk, a Dutch expert, Luxembourg Times.

EU Debuts With Mastodon, Twitter Leak Meets Policy Goals

Influencers of the European Union, or those aspiring to become part of it, Flock to Mastodon, the social platform’s more autonomous rival under Twitter’s attack It has the advantage of being continental in origin.

The European Commission and the European Investment Bank are among the bodies that found their way into Germany’s software, which gives users more independence in how they run their community of followers. increase.

Qiang Tang, researcher at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), said:

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