Top 6 Scandinavian Thrillers

What unites different peoples? Some believe these are games that allow users to cooperate. For example, it can be ANVIL, Propnight, and Call of Duty: Vanguard. These games don’t only let everyone relax after a hard day but also find some friends living around the world.

Others suppose these are international sports championships that let people cheer their favorite teams up and bet on them from different parts of the world via 22Bets. However, for many people, it’s cinematography that unites everyone. Millions of viewers around the world are fascinated by Scandinavian thrillers, and these are the most well-known ones.

Pusher 3 (2005)

A low-budget crime drama, the final part of a trilogy about drug dealers in Copenhagen. The protagonist of Pusher 3 is an aging Serb, Milo, an experienced drug dealer. He decides to quit dealing heroin once and for all, and organizes a great party for his daughter on her 25th birthday. But in order to do so, he has to sell his supply of ecstasy. One of the deals this time brings him only losses and is accompanied by a wild set-up by the partners.

Max Manus (2008)

The Norwegian volunteer who learned to kill during the Russo-Finnish war, Max Manus, returns home on the very day when Hitler’s army is making its victorious march through Oslo. Immediately sworn to fight the invaders, Max assembles his own Resistance from students and high school students and dashingly begins by printing propaganda leaflets and planning terrorist attacks. 

Snabba Cash (2010)

A Stockholm cab driver who decides to moonlight agrees to his boss’s offer to start dealing cocaine. Gradually the Yugoslavian mafia, the escaped Latino who worked for the mafia, and the Serbian who dreams of giving up his life of crime become involved.

Kraftidioten (2014)

Nils, a Norwegian working man, has long worked for the good of society. In his huge car he cleans the snow. Life goes on as usual, days alternating with days until Nils is informed that his only son has passed away, killed by a drug overdose. The father knows that he is being lied to – he is sure that his son never used any illegal substances, which means that he was simply murdered, but the police do not even consider this version. Nils decides to look into the case himself. He manages to find his son’s killers and even punishes them. But, trying to find the ringleaders of the gang, the hero is literally between two fires, he gets into a shootout between rival drug dealers.

Underverden (2017)

Cardiac surgeon Said is originally from Iraq, an outsider by blood, who, however, has seamlessly assimilated in Copenhagen and become part of European society. Unlike his younger brother, a drifter and drug addict. When bandits beat the younger brother to death, Said, desperate to find understanding in the police, takes up the investigation himself. It will reveal to him the dark womb of a seemingly radiant city – and set him on the trail of bloody and ruthless revenge.

The Snowman (2017)

Several mysterious murders that took place in Oslo form the basis of the case that renowned detective Harri Hole investigates. His experience in an FBI training course leads him to look for connections between the crimes. Hole and his assistant find them: all the victims were married women with children, it was snowing at the time of the murders, and soon after the crime a snowman invariably appeared at the scene of the massacre. In reviewing old unsolved cases, Hole discovers other cases involving missing married mothers, where, of all the evidence, only the snowman was found.

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