Top EU diplomats call Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s grain a war crime

Russia Committing war crimes by blocking exports Millions of tons of Ukrainian grain, European Union Foreign policy officer said on Monday EU Foreign Ministers meet fLee up cIn the midst of a global food crisis..

Ukraine is one of the world’s top wheat suppliers, but shipments have stagnated since Russia invaded the country in February and then closed the port, trapping more than 20 million tons of grain in silos. ..

Russia denies responsibility for the food crisis and denounces Western sanctions imposed on Moscow, which has led to soaring global food prices, and warnings of hunger in poor countries that are heavily dependent on imported grains.

EU Foreign Policy Officer Josep Borrell urged Russia to develop the Black Sea route, which is essential for mass exports. o of Ukrainian grain.

“Millions of tonnes of wheat remain blocked in Ukraine, and we can’t imagine people suffering from hunger in other parts of the world.” he I told reporters When he arrived for a meeting in Luxembourg.. “This is a real war crime.”

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is responsible for solving the grain transport problem by digging up an approach to the Black Sea port on June 8, and Moscow has already made the necessary promises, so it will act. Said that there was no need to wake up.

The EU supports the UN’s efforts to mediate a deal to resume maritime exports of Ukraine in return for promoting Russia’s food and fertilizer exports, which will require a green light in Moscow.

MMeanwhile, Germany and other countries are working to ensure that overland grain transport can release at least some of its crops when new harvests begin.While some of the old harvest is still sitting in Ukrainian silos.

Kyiv harvested a record 84 million tonnes of grain in 2021 with clean weights from 65 million tonnes in 2020.

This year, farmers sowed 14.2 million hectares of spring grain from 16.9 million hectares in 2021 due to the Russian invasion, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said Berlin helped Poland and Romania adapt railroads to facilitate land exports of grain.

“Ultimately, we can’t get rid of all the grain, but if we can release some of it by different routes, this helps because we are facing this global challenge.” I told reporters in Luxembourg. Top EU diplomats call Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s grain a war crime

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