Top police officer in prison scandal suspended

Justice Minister Stephi Dracos has decided to suspend senior police officers accused of attempting to intimidate a prison governor in a video threatening him.

After a formal complaint was filed by prison boss Anna Aristotle, the minister said Tuesday that she had decided to suspend an unnamed police officer.

In a statement she said she was informed that the person intends to do so and was given time to respond and seek legal advice prior to Wednesday’s final decision.

Authorities began investigating the prison chief’s allegations held by senior police officers on Monday. Recruitment A prisoner to collect information or videos about her private life that could be used to intimidate her.

Attorney General George Subvides has appointed lawyer Achilleas Emilianides to conduct a criminal investigation of allegations filed by the Central Prison Chief and his deputy Athena Demetriou against police officers.

Savvides said the investigation would be completed in about a month.

Aristotelous did not identify the motivation for senior police officers to hire prisoners who had been convicted of drugs for a long time.

She claimed that police officers used the app to communicate with prisoners in prison via mobile phones.

After her lawyer filed a formal complaint with Savvides, Aristotelous said that the actions of senior officers “hurt her and, as we believe, were committed by police members in particular, thus composing explicit corruption. “To do”, he said.

It is unknown why the policeman took it Such measures Ruin a woman’s career.

Aristotelous said officers need to be suspended as they could interfere with the investigation.

She also threatens to resign unless action is taken against officers.

Government spokesman Marios Pelekanos said additional steps were taken and “responsibility was assigned” after the investigation was completed.

He said President Nicos Anastasiades was aware of the problem between the prison chief and the police, but was unaware of this particular allegation until it was announced.

Aristotle is a popular figure with her enthusiasm for prison reform, and staff have come out to support her.

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