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Top Retail Experts in the Region Awarded at the Retail ME Summit

Dubai — At the annual Retail ME Summit 2022 in Dubai on Wednesday, the top retail professionals in the Middle East recognized their significant contributions to the industry.

The event brought together leading retailers from around the world to share the innovations and trends that shape the retail industry, one of the largest contributors to the local economy.

A prominent judge consisting of leaders from global organizations such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Zebra Technologies and Images Retail Magazine will be the final winner in the technology, IT, e-commerce, logistics, marketing and communications categories across the Middle East. I elected a person.

V. Nandakumar, Director of Marketing and Communications for Lulu Group, the region’s top retail organization, has been recognized as this year’s Retail Marcom Icon for its dynamic leadership in leading and transforming marketing and communication for the brand Lulu for the past 22 years. increase. Various countries around the world.

Last year, Nanda Kumar was ranked among the top five marketing professionals in the Middle East by the world-renowned Forbes magazine.

Other winners include Ahmad AR BinDawood, CEO — Bin Dawood Holding, Kamran Abbasi, CIO — Chalhoub Group, Mark Tesseyman, Liwa Trading CEO, Mohammed Sajjad, AZADEA Group Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce, McCarthy, Best Head of Communications — BinDawood Holding and WarwickGird, GM – Marketing at Spinneys.

Lulu Group is a leading hypermarket and shopping mall player with operations in 23 countries and serving 1.6 million shoppers daily through 235 branches in ME, Africa, India and the Far East. Deloitte, a leading auditing group, recently ranked Lulu as one of the top 20 fastest-growing retailers in the world. — SG

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