Top Russian diplomats visit Serbia after neighbors close airspace

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to Serbia was abandoned after neighboring countries closed their airspace, his spokesman said. Confirmed The end of Sunday.

Serbian media report Prior to that, Bulgaria, Montenegro and North Macedonia had not granted permission to fly over Lavrov’s territory.

“Just an hour ago, countries around Serbia closed the natural air route for Sergey Lavrov’s plane to Serbia,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Italian television.

“Russian delegations were to meet in Belgrade, and the EU and NATO members have closed their airspace,” Zakarowa said.

Source of information from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs without a name Said Prior to that, Lavrov’s trip to Serbia was canceled due to a flight ban.

“Our diplomacy has not yet mastered the art of teleportation,” officials told Interfax.

Western nations, along with dozens of prominent Russian officials, have imposed sanctions on Lavrov and banned Russian aircraft from flying over the invasion of Ukraine.

Serbia, a candidate for the European Union, which maintains close cultural ties with Russia and relies on Russia’s oil, gas and weapons, has refused to join Western sanctions against Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Top Russian diplomats visit Serbia after neighbors close airspace

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