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Tories argue that “toxic” Johnson should be replaced now

Former British Prime Minister John Major has made Boris Johnson the leader of the caretaker as the cabinet may struggle to “detain him” as calls for the dismissal of Boris Johnson increase. Instead of leaving it, he said it should be replaced immediately.
Johnson announced yesterday that he has resigned as prime minister. He was abandoned by ministers and many Conservatives who said he was no longer worthy of governance.
Johnson spoke outside 10 Downing Street and announced a “painful” resignation, but insisted on plans to stay as prime minister while the party chose a successor and did not pressure him to resign immediately.
Major released a letter stating that Johnson’s retention of power for several months was “unwise and may be unsustainable.”
The call was repeated by several Conservative lawmakers who said this week’s actions, which Johnson refused to resign, should be evacuated before the leadership contest. This process can take several months.
“The proposal that the prime minister loses support from the cabinet, government and parliament and stays in office for up to three months may be unwise and unsustainable,” the Major said in a letter.
“Some argue that his new cabinet detains him. Just note that his previous cabinet did or could not.”
The decision to resign as Prime Minister marks the end of the roller coaster’s political career, which has led Britain to leave the European Union and the Conservative Party to the biggest election victory in 30 years.
It was angry at a political party held at 10 Downing Street during the blockade of the Coronavirus, accused of violating international law against his threat of invalidating part of the treaty governing Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, and Recently, allegations of sexual harassment against his legislator.
Timvale, a professor of political science at Queen Mary University in London, said the British prime minister, who had been banished outside the general election, was usually allowed to stay in power until a successor was elected.
But Mr. Veil said there was a lack of trust between Johnson and MP, after refusing to resign this week after several ministers had told him to resign. ..
“Many lawmakers just don’t want to risk him saying or doing anything that could further damage the party’s reputation during the summer,” Veil said.
Conservative MP Simon Hoare said Johnson’s actions meant he lost the right to stay as a caretaker’s leader. “The minister has resigned because of the prime minister. The party has lost confidence because of the prime minister. Johnson’s ability to stay in the office is beyond credibility … he has to go to go Means. “
Another Conservative lawmaker said: He is too toxic. “
Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab will be an appropriate temporary replacement, said Major and several Conservative lawmakers.
A third Conservative lawmaker said that if Johnson tried to stay as the caretaker prime minister, he would ask executives of the 1922 committee, a leading group of Conservative lawmakers, to tell the prime minister to go now. rice field.
Opposition Labor MP Kris Bryant said Britain needed an established government to address two challenges: the crisis in living costs and the war in Ukraine. Bryant, for example, said the interim government would not be able to deploy troops. “The interim government can’t do that. It just can’t, the rules prohibit them from doing it. So can we be pleased or have the right government right away.”

Prime Minister blames cling Power for Wedding bash
AFP /London

After a generous refurbishment of the downing street flat, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie are at risk of becoming homeless and are being called upon to find a new place for their wedding reception.
The couple married in a secret ceremony in London in May 2021, after which Covid’s restrictions restricted them to welcoming 30 guests to a garden party in Downing Street.
They are planning a more attractive reception on July 30 at Checkers, the Prime Minister’s countryside hideaway northwest of London.
Johnson said yesterday that he would be in office within the next few months, perhaps until October, until a new Conservative leader is elected.
However, the Daily Mirror, Guardian and others reported that the timeline had something to do with his desire not to lose the checker’s perks before Bash, explaining that the invitation had already been issued.
Critics said that when Johnson gave his resignation speech outside 10 Downing Street, he envisioned the hometown of a 16th-century country.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan told LBC Radio, “We all want to have a gorgeous wedding at Checkers at the expense of taxpayers, but the British people hate it, so we can’t.” Told.
“And those decent Tories … wouldn’t accept the situation of trying to stay as prime minister for his personal interests, not for national interests,” said an opposition Labor politician.
The Checkers has been the subject of a recent headline about Johnsons’ claim to build a £ 150,000 ($ 180,000) tree worth of tree house for his two-year-old son Wilf. They denied it.
But another of the many scandals that has plagued his tenure is that he and Carrie have to pay tens of thousands of pounds for the gorgeous wallpaper used for the government makeover above 10 Downing Street. It didn’t become.

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