Torino Film Festival Celebrating 40 Years at The Beatles, Stones and Dylan-Lifestyle

(ANSA)-May 4 Rome-Torino Film Festival (TFF) celebrates its 40th anniversary this year with a movie night featuring The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

The legendary opening night of music at the Regio Theater on November 25th features special guests, singer-songwriter Francesco de Gregorio Riff and TFF director, and Steve Della Casa, a longtime broadcaster in Lai State. increase.

“Cinema is an art of art, and Bernardo Bertolucci said it is an art that uses other art,” said Dela Casa, who announced the latest “Hollywood Party” event on Wednesday.

“Rock and pop are an integral part of 20th century culture, and I want to show that the relationship between these artists and film is curious, amazing and multifaceted.

“There are extraordinary guests and commentators like Degregoli for a curious, popular and chic festival.”

The opening night will be broadcast live for the first time on Ryradio 3.

Photo: Degregoli (ANSA).

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